The Deep State's Insurrection 'ACT'


The Amazing Polly was another growing YouTube channel that was cancelled because of her conservative views… She can now be found on BitChute… She doesn’t claim to have all of the answers but she does do her research… She often asks reasonable questions and offers her sensible conclusions by connecting the dots… Explaining how she sees things…

In these videos she talks about the supposed siege on the Capitol Building by Trump Supporters… She uses video captures to illustrate the Mass Media Spin vs. what Independent Journalists were reporting on that day’s events… It is believed this was a staged event with agitators inserted to get the public to sympathize with our devoted members of congress… Making the President appear as the instigator, for the violence by a mob of his followers… They often use Projection to accuse someone else of doing what they are actually involved with… It is fascinating how the Mass Media can spin a story line for most people to accept as facts… There is a known black out by Big Tech Companies so the President of The United States can not communicate with his people… With our President censored how are we supposed to hear his side of the story?.. How did most miss his speech for Supporters to go home in peace?.. We only receive the repeated story line by those who really engage in Insurrection Acts…


This could be a double bluff, If Trump was planning not to leave the White House and Washington is as corrupt as we are led to believe then come ignoration day Trump would need thousands of soldiers in Washington.
The US military would then have been responsible for the staged storming of the Capital building.
What were the events leading up to storming of the building, the gathering of the crowd, isn’t the governor a democrat ? how did they manage to get in to the building, does everything add up when you consider previous events and the actions taken, especially by democrat governors.
What happened at the Capital building didn’t sit right with me, it lacked truth.


The Left won’t quit until they are finally behind bars. Arrest Nancy and her Minions!!


Is it so hard to believe that some die hard “Patriots” actually did what they had threatened? I’m loving the #noflylist videos so please continue to do whatever it is you people do.

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Who is this lady?

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They just don’t know when to quit.

Until they have their lives taken from them.

Then they will put the blame on the dems cancel culture.

All the while feeling like it’s their right to cause mayhem.

When’s the last time you got put on the no-fly list for walking into your home and sitting on the couch?

What happened at the Capital building didn’t sit right with me, it lacked truth.

Me neither, maybe it was a false voter fraud conspiracy?


Just saying, towing a false msm narrative doesn’t lend to portray oneself in a positive light.

Whether it would have changed the ultimate result or not.

But whatever.

One beautiful domestic terrorist! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

That’s very interesting, so how many homeless people are we talking about, for how long, and who did they vote for? I am guessing you have no idea. In other words, more made up conspiracy. AM I towing an MSM narrative here, or just thinking?

After you get trumps nuts off your chin, revisit some of what people provided with a less obscured sight.

Fraud happens every election.

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Yes it does. It hasn’t to the extent you want to believe, according to the courts. But you don’t believe the courts…etc etc etc round and round we go.

You have no clue what I believe in regard to our system. You went from a moment ago


Flopping all over yourself hopped up on that tds.

Reality is what it is. Fraud happens, happened.
To claim otherwise Is towing the MSM narrative.
Thus not a sign of critical thought in action.


Flopping all over yourself hopped up on that tds.

Lol, no. I will say it again. It is true that there is some fraud in every election, and it has been addressed in the past, and as far as we know ( you and me and everyone else given the available information, not conspiratorial, unsubstantiated, made-up stuff ) it has not historically been enough to matter.

Does fraud happen every election? Yes it does.

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Well we can agree on that.
Sorry was caught up with Danny the devil hunter in another thread.

Re: the other thread, that individual no longer exists.

Ehh, I don’t ignore people. No matter how foolish they maybe.

Takes away from some of the fun I could have, depending on my mood.

I have a threshold