The Devil 2020 - Commercial - No more hiding!

Just seen this ad on Hulu and my jaw dropped to the floor.

Is telling us what’s in store for 2021?


p.s. over 1,000 politic posts!? This site hasn’t been up for three months yet and y’all got yer panties in a bunch over a duchebag and a turd sammich :yum:


I wish I had panties to get in a bunch.
Crrrrazy video btw.

Panties, douchebag, panties, turd what hell are you from?


I’m from my momma

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Hahaha what a foolish advertisement oh its getting so ridiculous now ist it.

You know i guess its all a big joke but sadly maybe it isnt really?
Maybe its how we are being told whose the current boss of earth in a way.

Not for long though.
Not for long.


Interesting. I’m going to have to mull this one over as I see multiple meanings in it.
Good catch!

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Ditto Dis Amen

It’s an advert for a dating site. That’s all. :rofl:

Well…it’s a discussion subject so politics is just a thread…there’s others here if you don’t like this one I guess


I Read About This Ad
A Few Weeks Ago…

Saw It On TV Monday…

It’s Vapid
Not Funny

And More



Is it though?

Have people such as yourself been saying things like this for so long that everything us “conspiracy theorists” see right through is actually legit?

Imagine there really are caverns underground holding trafficked humans for whomever to pleasure…

Imagine for the slightest moment that burger you ate last night was mainly made of human.

What IF everything YOU don’t agree on is a fact? How would that make YOU feel?

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Foz is an adversary…

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I know…I can’t help it, I’m like a kid in a candy store with some of these fckrs


Yah…I caught this one watching the discovery channel a couple of days ago. I thought it was so peculiar…Call me 2-0-2-0… I could definitely see multiple meanings. We all know that he (thinks) he rules this world but those with eyes to see and ears to hear all know better. Even when I was single I never considered using a dating service like match, eharmony…any of those.

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I have only known one member that would jump to the defense of anything Satan related. BRB my puppet sensors are going off here.

Proud member of the 6

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Wow, that was disturbing


This may be true but that doesn’t change the fact that this is just a funny commercial for

What IF everything YOU don’t agree on is a fact?

It is statistically impossible that EVERYTHING a person doesn’t believe is actually a fact.

Just because someone doesn’t agree with you on one thing doesn’t mean they don’t agree with you on other topics. Your comment is full of projection because he or she didn’t state a position on any of the hypothetical topics you presented and yet you argued as if he or she did.

If the burger I ate last night was made of human… well then I guess human meat tastes pretty good. I really enjoyed that burger.


Most probably yes.

I concur…

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Great input there Silverfox.