The dividing line: Has the jab has changed people?

Many people I know who have received these jabs have changed. And by changed I mean, not only has their physical appearance changed, but their overall demeanor. The best way I can describe it is that they have become detached. A very close friend I know who refused the jab, but who’s wife was required due to her job, told me he noticed a big change in her, also.
Regarding physical appearance, they look older and somewhat haggard.

Has anyone else noticed this?


We know that they fear most people having a connection with the devine, they may have identified genes that they think facilitate that connection, and they may have targeted them, but they have bitten off more than they can chew, truth will out.


It’s an interesting thought, albeit a dark one. I have not noticed, but if I go looking for a change, I may perceive it. The observer affects the experiment. Hmm.

I will have to get back to you on that.


Detached! That’s the word I’ve been looking for. Perfect description. I’ve noticed it too


Watch this below and you know why.

Yes I noticed the same from a lot of people surrounding me, mostly people from work and from my family-in-law (these latter being very mass-media friendly). Those people have slightly changed even physically ! It can be explained by the fact that the ARN code actually change their former ADN. Therefore in one way, they are slightly another person.

Injecting same ARN code in everybody is quite consangineous when we think about it. Joke aside I also find it quite funny that those sheep are getting monkey ARD code into them.

Regarding the personnality aspects, some people doesn’t seem to have changed to me in rare case, but the majority of them did, most of the time for bad, being less receptive to humour, less open to their surroundings, less inclined to debate for example.

But once again, this is just the beginning. What would happen after the 2nd shot ? after the 3d ? 4th ? And even for the rare people who decide to avoid any other shot, we don’t know how this could evolve in time in their body. People that I’ve seen jabed are days after days more and more tired, aggresive, impatient and in bad mood. Yet it could be a coincidence, could be.

Not mentioning the harm that this jab has made for their health, brain and other things that we don’t even know for now.

Some co-workers getting more self-centred and egoistic while they were not like that before the jab.



I have definitely seen a difference in the jab victims mood.

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My father is out of breath all the time after getting the jab.


My golf partner told me he recently had a trip to the emergency room because he thought he was having a heart attack. They ran the usual battery of tests but couldn’t find anything. Shortly after he had told me this I asked if he got the jab. Timidly he looked at me and said he had. I say timidly because I had sent him a lot of info on the adverse affects after he said him and his wife were thinking of getting the jab.
And yes, the ER visit was after his jab.
I usually see him every weekend and I noticed his hair is grayer and he looks tired. He told me they are still running checks on him which I though was odd; like they’re monitoring him even though the initial tests did not show heart issues.
That’s just one individual.
Other jabbed friends have become distant - almost as if they don’t recognize me when we do see each other. With my wife dealing with her cancer I would hear from them at least weekly, just checking in. It’s like they fell off the radar.
Some people might not think anything of this, but for me it’s too odd…


I just hope it’s not them shying away due to embarrassment… or worse; anger, cause you may be right!!

Especially if you have thrown info here and there.

The Whole Truth of this fiasco is not easily swallowed – especially if you have taken a bite.


The only thing I have noticed is that some (not all) of the people I know who have been vaccinated keep asking me:
“Have you got the vaccine yet?!”
“When are you going to get the vaccine?”

Pretty much those two phrases I hear regularly…like in the past three weeks I have been asked that questions about 4 times…so about once a week from different people.

Of course, the pandemic has changed people…the past several years has changed people.
Impacts of COVID-19 and social isolation on mental health explored in WMU study | WMU News | Western Michigan University (

But that is to be expected.


The shying away from the topic is something I’ve noticed too, so I try not to pry, I try to respect their decision but I can see their inner turmoil about. And when I do push the issue and bring up the experimental nature they act as if they didn’t know it was experimental.

But if they piss me off or get uppity I usually end the convo with “maybe you got the placebo” just to see them react.

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Replacing the vaccinated employee within 3 years doesn’t looks so silly in the end

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What better way to stop people wanting to fly or go away and so stop air travel and so reducing pollution caused by air travel! Have we not already heard of airlines saying vaxxed shouldn’t fly for fear of blood clotting? It all falls into the calls for the GREEN NEW DEAL. If you have any cash in shares in any aviation i would say get shut now.

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While i was getting an echocardiogram on Friday the doctor told me how the hospital i was in in Newcastle UK was seeing an alarming rise in people been admitted with heart failure type symptoms. The hospital been one of the UKs leading heart hospitals he agreed when i said about a type of heart failure caused by stress emotional upset and fear what is called broken heart syndrome in the West which is caused by the release of adrenaline which damages the heart mostly been the left ventricle. Sudden onset of breathlessness and fatigue are signs of this condition. Believe me i know it how i found out i had heart failure and now have a re assessment every 6mths for the transplant list.


Yours was the comment I was looking for, many of my friends have gotten their 2 shots and I don’t notice any difference and thankfully they don’t ask, they know me better, and the phrase “don’t ask don’t tell” comes to mind and I think that’s how people should handle this, if you got your vaccine and it’s effective like they say then you’re all set, my own brother got it and has asked me more than once, I wouldn’t do that to people, I get the curiosity but I feel it’s nobody’s business, especially when they say it’s “effective” how the hell can they know so soon, unless of course they had it all along, which we would probably never know, if any companies can’t be trusted, it would be the pharmaceutical companies.


I believe placebos were mixed in. They would have to be in order not to create wide spread panic.