The Executed: Clones, Doubles, Actors, Transvestites Hiding in Plain Sight, Holographic or CGI


I’m not woke enough for this sheet.

This is an interesting topic and I do appreciate it… I would like to believe that most of this was truth… I offer no disrespect for the Oop who offered us a good topic for discussion… I do believe some high profile people have close body doubles to masquerade occasionally, as the originals, for security purposes… I also believe some cloning technology does exists but question just how far that has really advanced… I mean, to create an identical adult clone that can mimic the mannerisms, the speech patterns, hold the same thoughts and retain the same memories… All of that sounds just a little bit far fetched for me… I admit, I don’t know everything but just sharing my personal thoughts about it… I am all in for a good Conspiracy, as many of them do turn out to be true… I just think these ideas are a bit of a stretch… Okay to have an open mind but we must be careful that your brains do not fall out…

All of this is very interesting to me… Interesting story lines that would make for great science fiction… I also find it interesting that some people (not all) are 100% convinced that this is what is really happening and taking place in our world… Even I have noticed many strange occurrences with several high profile figures… Admittedly, I do not know what to make of much of it… Seen some things that were very weird that would make any reasonable person take a moment to pause… The 1988 movie, “They Live” is still a classic that can inspire many to question things… I can say, I do not trust all the channeled information that comes from Zeta Talk…

Whether it’s evil Politicians, Entertainers, Media Moguls or Sports Figures being replaced, they are still allowed to influence our societies… Still walking around with evil intentions and creating chaos with power and influence… Some say, the originals are being taken down systematically, one by one… However, in the next breath they say, Clones or Doubles are still permitted to carry out their evil deeds… So the originals will not be missed… How is that an improvement?.. With the same problems facing our world but with different actors?.. It is the spirit of their evils that has to die… I personally want to see justice come down on Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci, George Soros, Hillary Clinton, Nanci Pelosi and a longer list of other deserving individuals… Examples need to be made so Globalist will not band together again, to dominate our entire world… All of that needs to stop… Unless, we are able to see it and know it then nothing much has changed for the benefit of humanity…


Great Topic ! Good Find @Marius_Breb

It’s being reported that many public figures have been replaced by stand in clones/doubles these days. According to ZetaTalk these Military Tribunals have been running in the US since the start of 2019, authorized by President Trump’s Executive Order. Issues such as treason and crimes against humanity fall under the military purview and allow for a speedy trial in secrecy, commonly resulting in executions or lengthy stays at GITMO.

According to a website that tracks death (ancestry dot com). Melinda Gates passed away in 2013 with her husband Bill.

Why does the one on the left picture look like Melinda has an Adams apple?

Why has her nose changed?
When you get plastic surgery. You normally do not make Your nose bigger.


You make a pretty good argument, that’s for sure. I remember reading somewhere that Biden had a face lift and in some photos you are able to see the scarring in front of his ears, however. That doesn’t explain the weird cleft in his chin and his blue eyes suddenly being brown… and don’t even get me started on Hunter!

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Wtf! :eyes::eyes::eyes: Nice post still getting my head round it!

This is a very interesting topic which could make ones mind truly blow. We have has seen in these replies with so many photos to do comparison with of before and now images. But what we need is people who have known these individuals for years to come forward and say something is not right with this person. A good one what has happened here in the UK, is one of Boris Johnsons former lovers who has openly said how much Boris has changed. And how it doesn’t seem to be the same person she once knew. Almost has if he had been switched. Many here in the UK say the very same has to how this is not the same man they voted for and how much he suddenly changed from wanting to go with the herd immunity. To full blown totalitarian lockdown. I know that having an illness can change a person. Having a life ending condition myself. But Boris Johnson is not the same person has before he supposedly came down with convid. And what his ex lover has said of the changes are 100%true.


Could this be down to mind control, trigger words ? He cant get his words out when he talks, its like someone else is controlling his brain rather than a clone. Id use my cloning allowance on a few Egyptian pharos not a Boris

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how are we settled about human cloning?
why would a clone not rebel?

I have access to genealogical data base, And I cannot duplicate that result
there so far is no indication that Gates croaked

i’ve wondered about this for awhile. it must be incredibly convenient for these people to be in more than one place at once, for example. and they can’t be assassinated, either. my final thought is perhaps long ago the original humans with those identities were “upgraded”/replaced by another lifeform, be it another human or god knows what. i’d qualify a defection-related assassination and subsequent replacement as another plausible truth to this clone phenomenon. you have to imagine there have been at least a few cabal member whistleblowers over hundreds if not thousands of years of conspiracy.

Brilliant! i knew that the ol “soap on a rope” could pull off a miracle. that wee bastardingo fuci defe has gotten out the skin face iron or A/chrome … :beers:

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