The face of 2021

First a warning for those who are sensitive: At the end of the video Larry talks about Jesus…
Larry Cappetto is his full name and he’s in Grand Junction, Colorado. Granted it’s at the end of 2020, but in the vid Larry asks people why they are wearing masks outside. The video is long, so I just forwarded to when he’s asking the questions:

Our future is obviously in our youth and if this video is any indication of how easily manipulated the younger population is, then it’s probably logical to say the world has indeed changed forevermore, because we are no longer evolving, but devolving.


I continue to refrain from wearing a Mask when Outside in the Fresh Air.

I Honestly can’t Belive every single person I see out on the Street are wearing MASKS.

I even see people alone in their Cars wearing a Mask with the Windows Rolled up.

I am Constantly
telling people this is a Scamdemic Smoke Screen

All to do with the Coming CASHLESS SOICITIY


RIPPER von Zepplin ll

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When ever i see face masks my mind goes str8 to the star of david armbands. Thats the connection my mind makes and im not even Jewish or nearly old enough to have experienced that.

Don’t forget the joggers wearing masks. Idiotas!

I saw a jogger get high beamed because she put her mask on her chin. At first I thought the guy was warning me about a police speed trap, but he also gesticulated at the girl. Sure enough there was no speed trap just a jogger with a face mask on her chin. The libtardation is severe!

I don’t think anyone thought they would see this in their lifetimes. People for some reason are convinced we have evolved past tyranny. I do t think the establishment left even begin to understand how much they have to loose and will.

All fear driven lemmings have fallen in line as they knew they would. Trumps betrayal of his base and the people will be coming into sharp focus shortly. Actually this could be our saving grace - if conservatives are honest about how badly they were played. And that’s a big if - expecting people to be honest nowadays is a futile endeavor.

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No matter how uncomfortable the truth is, it should always be spoken. Ignorance is not bliss, it’s a travesty.

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Notice they started the mask thing for years now before hand in asias to acclimatise the world to mask slavery.
Good excuse to up the facial recog tech too.

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