The Fallacy of this Lie is No One is Paying Attention to it. (Thoughts?)

What are your thoughts on this statement ?


And so those friggers should have! we could be sitting differently now. … :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:. … :beers: anyhou, thanks.
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My thoughts on that statement?

Nothing new.
That day I believe Government, any Government, local to Federal in any country cares for the health and well being of the citizens is the day that pigs fly.


Oh, but the big mean Orange man mentioned some of those, so the media derided them, and the lefty morons simply complied. The smart people among us bought HCQ to keep on hand, and will NOT be forced to take the vax, because that is the reason these other therapeutics were pooed on. No reason to have vax madness if there are viable non vax treatments.

Go get your shots lefties!


Dumbfounded that the Professional Opinion has never been highlighted at length in the public domain; even merely to address the possibility of the content, yet! It remains almost unheard of.


HOW does My Comment Reflect on the Times We are Induring

I say
Health was Never the Goal…NEVER !!!

The Goal is all about Power…Power over People

The People have Submited … Submited all Freedom without Question

The Few that Question and Can See the Lies …are Unable to get the rest to See there is No TRUTH in this All Out in Your Face Scamdemic Bullsiht

All Lies All Lies …Everything they Tell You is 100% False Hope wrapped in more Lies.

Wake Up and See There is Truth surrounded by Lies

Your Government has in the past and will in the Future continue to Spread Lies Lies 100% False Lies .

guns and fastcars


Dude! … FEAR has literally driven a wedge within everyone.

Its Now a popularity contest! … Vaccinated & NONNIES!!! :joy:

I firmly believe that my industry will eventuallly prevent me from attending site without a vaccination … :thinking: … Stamp!

… I have been including that cost into my quotes & estimates since December :grin:

… Ill pay for someone to go in my stead :joy: … or at least cover the cost!! … wait!! … :speak_no_evil::flushed: … Thats Slavery isnt it? :speak_no_evil::flushed::joy: … I’m out before I get into more trouble :joy:


could not have said it any better myself.

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AC/DZ :metal:t2: :metal:t2: Rock On!


Just saying.


Correct. If politics is anything today it’s more like a whorehouse than leaders. Most of our “leaders” sound like sex workers. Unfortunately a lot of the country lives like jail inmates and sex workers and doesn’t mind.


what makes them tests more believable is the numbers in the bottom right corners are just 1 number different so i call this legit imo. awesome thanks!

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ivermectin is a sheep drench huh interesting that something that kills parasites is effective against covid isn’t it? :thinking:


wow that’s a brilliant idea bro :thinking:

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Take a look down memory lane. Specifically the time frame that would round up people and put them into train cars.

Will that be happening soon to those who don’t shoot up and get their Papers (Passport)?

History is repeating itself and the uneducated masses (Useful Idiots) make it happen. Over and Over again.


DAMN STRAIGHT!!! :+1: Power and Control!

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I had that dream in the navy in 1980 that I would be limping in pain and sick into a inter city (los Angeles) quarantine, when I get “Caught Up”

that stuff is comming
and even worse

the Dimitri prophesies
this is a guy who is on a short list of real prophets
passed away a while back

if I had the money I join rat rob down in coberpeady

I don’t know man.
Down under is getting crazier
No where is safe anymore
and the only constitutional republic is fading quickly into a global welfare state.

Where is this United Nations Group Now ?

Very nice!