The First Room-Temperature Superconductor Has Finally Been Found

" The compound conducts electricity without resistance up to 15° C."

It’s here: After more than a century of waiting. For the first time, a team of scientists say they’ve built a superconducting material — one that permits the totally unimpeded flow of electricity — that works at room temperature.

The discovery evokes daydreams of futuristic technologies that could reshape electronics and transportation. Superconductors transmit electricity without resistance, allowing current to flow without any energy loss. But all superconductors previously discovered must be cooled, many of them to very low temperatures, making them impractical for most uses.

Now, scientists have found the first superconductor that operates at room temperature — at least given a fairly chilly room. The material is superconducting below temperatures of about 15° Celsius (59° Fahrenheit), physicist Ranga Dias of the University of Rochester in New York and colleagues report October 14 in Nature.

The team’s results “are nothing short of beautiful,” says materials chemist Russell Hemley of the University of Illinois at Chicago, who was not involved with the research.

However, the new material’s superconducting superpowers appear only at extremely high pressures, limiting its practical usefulness.
(Photo above shows the superconductor pressed between two diamonds.)

The superconductor is currently too small to be useful. But if it works at larger scales and under less pressure, it would give us the tools to radically re-imagine our energy and technology infrastructure to be cleaner, more efficient, and more powerful.

“We live in a semiconductor society, and with this kind of technology, you can take society into a superconducting society where you’ll never need things like batteries again,” coauthor Ashkan Salamat of the University of Nevada Las Vegas


Cant wait to see it hit the public advancements. :sunglasses:

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What will it mean for our cell phones, laptops, electric cars.

I’d love to know where this would fit into home solar technology.

Les time to charge, smaller batteries, longer lasting power.

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I recon some of these things they’ll come up with is maybe a one time charge. But only on a small scale like phone, cordless hubs etc etc.They wouldnt of thought a car. No profit in it for the fat cat oil giants. In saying that 2035 is supposed to see the end of fossil fueled cars. So itll be interesting to see how the electric car comes on.
Good post, ma’man

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Apparently only 40 years of oil left.

Mate, dont be fooled like I was on that comment.

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Reminds me of the carved quartz post I put up.
That got religeously derailed. :sunglasses:

You have Primary water over there in the U.S. as well dont you?:thinking:

What do you mean primary water?

There was never a “energy crisis” there is a very carefully regulated “energy allowance” in both techonogy and types of energy on the market.

There is a consistant “pattern” of people inventing things that produce energy for “free” and then dying mysteriously and their work being “lost” or “accidentally” destroyed.

I can count at least ten times in the last 4-5 years where I have read about somone that invented some “new” battery type that can “charge in seconds” but power everything we have today only for it to be covered up fast.

The engergy companies make money selling it and oil companies days are numbered as soon as they lose their dominance on the market so the two work together to make sure it does not happen.

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I cant find the video now, bloody filters!!
There was a farmer around 30 years ago in the states and he was drilling for water and discovered what we now know as Primary water. Its the same principle as the "running out of oil myth’ in 1996 the government recognised him for his work and his find. It’s just so annoying when you cant find the video or link to anything.

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you’ll come across it later… but not be able to find this post though. :sweat_smile:

Thats how it works for me anyway.

@MrNice found a better one on the same farmer from Virginia.


HERE YA GO, Mate. This isnt the video I was watching but it’s the same farmer in the image.


Very interesting, lot of dribble conversation.
But after listening to entire video Im grasping the concept being expressed. I do wish more explaination, and scientific evidence was provided though.

Heres something to add.
At the time these concepts were brought forth to mainstream many celebrities were entranced by another concept of mineral water.
I lived in an area known as Mineral Wells in Tx which became absolutely infamous in its hayday for the high mineral contents of the water there.
The fad faded and the fame of the town went witth it. There is a “haunted” Hotel that still stands as a testament to the famous past it held.

On another note: There is a great video pertaining to crystaline structure of all known matter.
Thanks for the query, got my wheels rollin today.
Couldnt find the link right now, will try to post later. :sunglasses:

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No sweat mate,
Yes I do remeber the hyp with Texan mineral water. They said that’s why Texans have strong bright white teeth because of the minerals

Nice one mate…be interesting to see where this ends up :beers:

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You are right …we get the technology to fix the world’s energy crises but it will be disruptive in the world markets and is called a world disabling product or process and is like treason of sorts if you share and make working models
.you csnt change the pace we get our tech or gasoline…I hope this isnt way off base…tell me I’m fool if it was or I wont learn.

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Your spot on… but I think that keeping 100% of all technology more or less the same for 120 years is going to make people ask questions and resent what they find.

You don’t have to tell them about space travel or life on other words just give them little things that inprove their life so they can see a “albeit fictional” progress of technology instead of keeping all technology more or less the same for 120 or so years and killing anyone that refuses to give up their inventions if they don’t fit in the box.


A bit like the missing MH370 flight in March 2014