The Great Awakening. For those who havent seen!


I share this because it has already been pulled once!! I suggest if you dont have it downloaded to do so. Its long vid but has mind blowing info🤯

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So glad you posted this!
This video has been pulled so many times.
Definately worth downloading.

May want to watch it in segments though, 10segments - 3hrs altogether.

Good stuff. :sunglasses:


Hope this one stays up for a while,
Hope folks get a good picture.
Of the plans unfolding…

Some us know most of this,
But I was truly surprised on a few
that I didnt know.


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Can you give a little back story? Finding 3 hrs to watch is tough to do…

It goes into the pedogate stuff…elites, adrenachrome, and trump, Q, timetravel, trump will save the world etc etc. Its good entertainment for sure.

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I’ve just watched nearly all of it. Need time away from the screen, Some good info in that video. I’ll watch the rest tomorrow. Julian Assange does look like Domald Trumps uncle, though​:smile::smile:

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Almost as if we’re dealing with vampires.

@silverfox nighthawk summed it up pretty much :slightly_smiling_face: It is in parts on YouTube where you can watch 1 part at atime.

Good Good post…


Seen this awhile ago.
Worth watching for those who have’nt.

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Googles GPU is called adreno
And its browser is chrome

Did people know that nothing is a coincidence
Or should i say uses a gpu called adreno


I remember Mel Gibson been black listed from Hollywood years ago (something along the lines of drunken racial slurs). I didnt really pay much attention to it at the time. But watching again what he had said about them all those years ago, drinking babies blood!! My jaw dropped. Knowing what we know now in 2020, he was right!


Do you honestly believe this?
I’ve seen this before as with others. I want to believe but🤷‍♂️

I believe it,they are all Satan worshipping adrenochrome drinking discusting creatures,we will prevail their time is coming to an end


Thanks For The Tag

Yes . Better a Lil at a Time.
Digests Better

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Reckon That’s True Enough

Oh But The Sheep
Will Just Bleat
And Go Back to Grazing…


What bit dont you believe, there is a lot of info on this video.

@BigD what part do you not believe? Literally a week after i watched this Hollywood blew open!

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