The Great Reset: Who wants to participate?

They call it the great reset. What I call it is a Frankenstein monster that got out of their control. In order to bring order, a world pandemic was created in order to open our eyes, when in reality the veil is pulled further down.

They speak of creating a fairer world - which sounds all warm and fuzzy - when in reality, human nature will always create the have’s and the have not’s. We can’t escape it. At least not in this world.
There is path out, though. However, they don’t want us to know that there is a way out. They want us stuck in this cycle - wash, rinse, spin, repeat.
Here’s the agenda as the world economic forum would have it:

For many this would seem ideal; finally! A way to a better life!
Thing is, ignorance has been bred into humanity, so the ability to lift the veil is rare.
We have talked about hollywood and it’s many predictive programming shows and movies. Regarding science fiction, let’s look at Star Trek for example: To get to this utopia of a future, wars were fought that caused great loss of life, but through the ashes humanity rose to a new level; a better level.
Only one thing that has never changed though is human nature. We will always have fear that ultimately leads to destructive behaviors. TPTB know this and it’s their infinite goal to keep it this way. In reality, it’s the biggest can that gets kicked down the road.

Amen Brotha

I Completely Agree


Can we talk about clones and deep fakes? Human shells, but no soul inside? Seeing a lot of them as of late. Concerning… and these are the entities that wanna shove 9 inch q tips in your face for a lower brain sample? Hurrr :face_with_raised_eyebrow:, hmmm yeah mkay.

Anyone who follows this program like a blind sheep, let’s their face get probed 3-4 times a month, and then has the laser forehead scan done every time they go out in public… prolly not much to save as far as independent conscious thought is concerned. Definitely wont stand any chance of convincing such unfortunate souls that what they do out of fear to protect themselves if harming them more than the fear itself. It’s quite the conundrum. Cognitive Dissonance, is a beyatch! This stuff stresses Monkey out, time for tea.


We known they been planning to crash the economy for a while…the scariest thing about the world panic, was when places were no longer taking cash, as I have no bank account. Don’t have many options when they switch to digital only currency. Bitcoin was a test and lots of suckers bought into it, sadly even people here who were well aware of their plans…but hey you could make money fast, who cares if you were helping them [redacted] in the [redacted] right?

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And The Very Sad

Is Its Going
To Get So



this is a complete sentence

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keep faith in your center, we one tribe. we all bleed and hurt the same. it’s harder to be peace and show compassion and empathy. It’s the medicine that’s gonna help everyone get through what comes though… it is sad. but knowing there’s difficulty on the horizon, is better than being blind sided. The cognitive dissonant ones, definitely gonna be drama queens when their bubble vision busts. Know your communities. Have exit plans to get out of cities. Best wisdom I got to share. Can’t wake em… can’t do nothing. Foresight can be burdensome. Deep Breaths. Maybe the power rangers will show up, or voltron… thundercats even! Faith over Fear.


Do you have info on the laser thermal device? I had read it causes brain cancer?

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Amen Monkey😘

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What i see are globalist who ran out of time. They had to push something in because people were waking up. People smart enough to see the agenda were speaking up just like some of us. As bad as the liberal shills on here and worldwide want to tell you otherwise prayers stepped in in 2016. People began waking up to the corruption and lies of those they believed were informing them. This is a last ditch effort by those that follow Satan. We better hope the world wakes up with some of us or Revelation will finish fulfillment

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I remember my dad talking about this probably in the late 70’s - early 80’s. All the big names, primarily the Rockefeller’s and their new world order. I used to think my dad was cracked when he spoke of a cashless society and how they were going to implement it. This was 40 years ago. He said it’d take awhile but it would happen. For it to work the populace would have to be dumbed down. Steadily declining education system that strayed away from critical thinking I believe, played a huge part in this. We know we are frogs in or getting in the pot of water. We know there’s a burner under the pot. We know the water is getting warm from the burner being turned up and yet, we like the comfort of the water not realizing it’s getting warmer.

I agree we ain’t seen nothing yet from tptb…its not a question of IF or WHEN it is now a question of FAITH. Decisions we must make very soon will affect how the rest of our lives go…people who have PREPARED will help those who are now blind but finally see. We can hope that thru these coming events somehow humanity will change and events that are happening now thru the next 60 days and us together ,opens eyes, hearts and minds.

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Aint gina happen watch their time is up

I woke up in 2001 after 911 i was 16,and guess what it was muslim brothers who woke me up,the hatred and divide in this world has to stop,this scum that is trying to beat us down cannot win,we are all one

If you notice the “great reset” very carefully avoids saying that all the benefits will be for “everyone” and it talks about 'reducing" the population and they are not talking about making them move somwhere else.

All of this eutopian pipe-dream smoke being blown in your face is to keep you from noticing that they just plan on controlling the masses more directly and getting rid of every freedom listed in the contitution, the bill or rights, or the geneva convention.

The only eutopia will be them controlling everything and enjoying the best of everything while the world starves or lives on bugs.

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That’s It All Right

The purpose of the global lock-down was to create debt. The purpose of The Great Reset is to forgive the debts if you submit to their New World Order.

Never will never happen