The Greatest Conspiracy Ever

There are many conspiracies out there. But, is there one that the whole world is behind? Well, the answer is yes, and here it is.


Short version to save you all 15 minutes, basically believe in Jesus everything else is irrelevant.


This is gonna be good. Will watch after i finish cooking burgers on grill

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I personally believe the root of all evil is fear.
I used to believe money was similar to the mark of the beast, but now I believe it’s what is done with the money that separates whether it’s good or evil.


The word says it is Mammon. Mammon is not money itself but the love of money over all other things. The prince in the Bible that lowered his head and walked away when Jesus said “sell all you have and give it to the poor and follow me” was more in love with money than anything else.

Not just believe in Jesus, but obey what he taught. Even the devil believed Jesus was real.

I was always bothered that mammon and mormon were so alike

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Mammon is just another name for money and all that it can buy. I think it’s a warning to all of us. It seems that we all spend our entire lives chasing money and all that it can buy. Sure, we can say that we just need money to survive, or to pay bills; but is that true? Are we just surviving or do we use our money selfishly to buy things we want, bigger house, nicer car, all the party favors we want for the weekend? Something to think about.

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Old Joseph Smith was not only about the money. He was about the young girls too. If you read the story of the origination of the LDS its almost like a comedy skit. Black rocks talking inside his hat and only he could hear the voice. People began to doubt so to verify the voices he gets his wife to confirm she hears voices too…

Joseph Smith and Charles Taze Russell who founded the Jehovah Witnesses both had a common beginning. They started out as Seventh Day Adventists…

And one other thing then I’ll zip it…
Satan, or The Satan, is the driving force behind this.
So, who are the bankers/drug dealers?

I think we always want to look at the bankers and the drug dealers. Sure, they are doing a lot of things wrong. But, what about your normal average Joe, who allows money to control their lives. It seems we are all missing the bigger picture in what Jesus taught. (Matthew 6:24). “You cannot serve two masters.” God or Money.

When a person goes to work everyday and get’s their hourly wage or their salary. What are they doing? They are doing a service for that money. Right? So, who are they serving? Something to think about.

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I was asking, who are the bankers/ drug dealers?
Money can be addictive and thus the bankers can be considered like drug dealers. I believe they are put here for very specific reason. Which master do we choose to serve?

I have chosen to serve God. He has been faithful to provide my needs, as he says he will provide our food and clothing if we will spend our time building his kingdom (Matthew 6:31-31).

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And they are both in my family tree

But you do not eat of that tree do you?

I left Masonic teaching and lds teaching long ago under the direction of holy spirit.

But I gotta say churchyanity ain’t a whole lot diffrent with this Zionist Jew worship

Wow! Great word~Churchianity. The church is following a system. Most can’t even tell you 15 things that Jesus commanded of his followers. But, they claim that he is their Lord? Pretty weird if you ask me.