The Thalidomide scandal.

n the late 1950s and early 1960s, the use of thalidomide in women, some of which were pregnant or got pregnant after, in 46 countries resulted in the “biggest man‐made medical disaster ever”, resulting in more than 10,000 children born with a range of severe deformities, such as phocomelia, as well as thousands of miscarriages.[1][2]

Thalidomide was introduced in 1956 and was aggressively marketed by the German pharmaceutical company Chemie Grünenthal under the trade name Contergan as a medication for anxiety, trouble sleeping, “tension”, and morning sickness.[3][4] It was introduced as a sedative and medication for morning sickness without having been tested on pregnant women.[5] While initially deemed to be safe in pregnancy, concerns regarding birth defects were noted in 1961, and the medication was removed from the market in Europe that year.[3][6]

This drug also passed all the appropriate ‘tests’ at the time. It was never used in the USA because one female scientist stood against it and convinced America not to use it…

1962: FDA pharmacologist Frances Oldham Kelsey receives the President’s Award for Distinguished Federal Civilian Service from President John F. Kennedy for blocking sale of thalidomide in the United States.

The so called experts who cleared this drug for use got it so very wrong then and there wasn’t even a ‘crisis’ on at the time. But to just balance the this post, there’s always this article to consider:;
Scientist makes inaccurate claims on Covid-19 vaccine safety | Fact Check (afp.com)

I think its the sort of decision [to have the jab or not] that all humans should make for themselves without being attacked or isolated from the rest of society. After all, don’t we all own our bodies?



The public is guinea pigs for the various vaccines

In a year or two it will be the second biggest. And interesting that the thalidomide link was first identified by two strangers in a hospital who were talking about their babies and their deformities, and then discovered that another thing they had in common was that they had both taken thalidomide during pregnancy.

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