The Grey theory

I would like to present a theory on the “Greys”.

Many of us in this community have experienced encounters with them directly. My heart goes out to those who suffer from these experiences.

It is now public acknowledgement and accepted scientific docterine that if people were to “evolve” in space there would be a number of changes to the body. Some examples are:

Loss of hight, and mass due to gravitational differences.
Larger eyes, and pupils due to less light,
skin pigmentation would be pale for this too.

Now that we understand this, some have come to believe the possibillity that these entities are what humans become in the future or alternate deminsions.

Could be more…

Many of us recognize the distict history of how most reports seem to be inherited from previous family members. Suggesting the high probabillity that there is a genetic connection for some of these generational phenomenon.

Most reports also include a heavy concious block to memories of these events.
And medical evidence of surgical procedures done that our abillities in the field come far short of comparrison.

Why are many of these events remembered with such fear and dread, while few others report pleasant almost euphoric experiences.

So I suggest that the greys are programmed clones like A.I. inside of biologically grown organisms. Neutral and void of feelings, made to obey commands.

This being said, Other advanced beings could use these in absence of direct contact to keep their distance from man, and the other advanced beings too.

The bloodlines…
Ancient documents, scriptures, and stories reference that contamination of the human bloodlines became so vile, a world wide genocide was unleashed to purify the blood of man.

Could the people going through the abductions have a genetic trait, marker, or purity that is being harvested, exploited, or preserved in the DNA?

Ive come to believe the greys are a genetically modified clone that operate in much the same way as our A.I. drones do.

Some used to progress for good, others for sinister nightmarish purposes.

Something like this could very likely be done with another 20yrs of scientific advancement, maybe–less…

With advancements like cloning, and genetic engeneering there could be numerous combinations which could be wrought into being…

If we can do this then, we may have a way to send ships far away with no passengers. Once there the Clones are grown with minimum physical requirements as an ultimate skeleton crew. To observe, test, and monitor other planets and species.
Likely observing laws ordained to return species back to original time and place, without memory of said events as a means to remain unanimous.

Often people wonder, Why? why me?
This may not comfort, or help those that need it.

To know the why, ask yourself this.
What would the Elites do with this kind of tech?
How do we know they dont already?

Why me?
Genetics, frequency, vibration.
The accounts where people attest to overcoming the nightmares are habitually spiritual in nature and are stopped by the faith of calling on the name of Yeshua, Jesus. If experiences proceed then consider building a faraday cage around a room. It may help block signal of tracker. For these may be of human origin.

We can grow drones, fly them remotely.
We can clone now, alter the DNA.

I personally have known three different people who believed their spouse had been replaced with clones.

The first person to confess this threw me off gaurd.
I blew it off, as someone trying to make rediculous excuse to justify a relationship gone sour.

The second person…
Coincidence… Maybe…
Similarities abundant in both accounts came to mind.

Third person…
Soon as they began. Chills washed over my skin.
Everything was the same story. Same place for two of the accounts.

These three accounts are personal people I have known through the years. They did not ever have any affiliation with each other.

To this day I do still remain skepticle.
Would like to see if there are any that can add to this.



I’d say about 25 years ago I had an experience with the little grey f_ckers. I awoke in bed realizing I was paralyzed by a bright pinpoint light in the upper corner of my bedroom. Besides paralysis, there was a excruciatingly painful ringing in my ears. Out of my peripheral I could see them moving around my bed. I recall not feeling at all scared, but I was extremely angry. To this day I have no idea what that was all about.
I knew I hadn’t imagined it when my sister, whom I always had an almost psychic connection with, told my parents the following day that she had awoke with intense pain in her ears and was worried about me. She was about 250 miles away from me zone another state when this happened.
These Greys… I hated them then and still do. They’re evil and serve no purpose.


Great post mate…I’m interested in seeing the comments on this one…I’ve read and watched a bit on this phenomena involving cases in Oz…as silver mentioned above…tinnitus was something mentioned more than once…one lady said she got knocked over by what she described was a frequency…another said she told to go off grid and do her best at looking after the planet…some encounters seem peaceful, others anything but…

I personally haven’t experienced anything, but I’m not gonna accuse stacks of people of lying either…I’ll keep an open mind on this one :beers:

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This is an interesting topic. One to which many questions about who and why and where these entities come from. What is there true purpose Good or Evil? I love watching and reading on this. Having seen things myself i could not explain. Some questions that have been asked is are they time traveling future Humans? Coming here to try and save future humanity? Now it is a possibility that is worth talkingabout. Has this could give explanation as too been seen how abduction is generational in so many case. Collecting DNA and othe genetic material from them to help them in the future. But if this was the case we have to then ask 'So whats with all the animal mutilation?. How has that to do with saving time traveling future Humans?. Then we have women who have been abducted. And suddenly find themselves pregnant. Only to find 3 or 4 months later they aren’t anymore! Only to be re abducted later and claim to have met there unborn children. This again could be seen in the same way has collecting genetic material to save a future Human, or it been used to save a true alien race who is dying out. Needing human DNA to help rebuild its race. One of the more what many would claim as an outlandish theory, is one of what if this is all about creating a genetic hybrid? What purpose would this have? Could the truth of this theory be a far more sinister one then we can imagine? What if this i like the long running story of the X-FILES? it may sound crazy but how many times do we comment here how hollywood is sending us a message of what is to become of humanity?. What if the controlling Cabal has seen in the X-FILES is accurately portrayed. We know all of our governments are mear puppets. What if with working with aliens, that what we are seeing with the Plandemic is a method to take full control of humanity and enslave us? What better way. And a cost effective way to do it. No great loss of lfe or materials on there part. And you have the useful idiots of the cabal to push it. So what does this plandemic lead us all to? And this is a good one to think upon with all we have read and seen. A virus used to create fear and panic with many demanding a vaccine. A vaccine which is been said can alter our very DNA that what makes us all human? And hiden within the idea of nano technology to track each and every one of us? Now has the whole alien abduction lead us to where we now find ourselves today? Genetic material gathered to change our DNA? Technology of implantable tracking devices so we have nowhere to hide? A cabal of elites promised who knows what to push the agenda? The one question that is left is a simple one? Will we ever know the truth? My betting is No. Not until it is to late to fight the darkness that is now upon us all.

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Thank you silver.
Glad you and your sister remain ok.

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Thanks mark.
Mutilations… Ive wonderd about that too.
Ive come to believe it may be a harvesting of sorts.
The Reptillians are said to have a taste for flesh.
Could be that the cattle, and some people are used for this purpose.
Im propose that some cases may indicate that some abductees are going through amputations and are retrofitted with cloned parts. To satisfy cravings.
After reading the adrenochrome stories, I have come to believe there may be a connection there as well.


I have always toyed with the idea of time travelers from the future. I like the idea of androids that could be sent back to our time. Also the idea of inter-dimensional beings is a plausible thought too. I wonder too if DMT, which we produce naturally in our pineal gland, has an effect on seeing (what some might term) the supernatural beings. Great post…love a bit of brain food. :beers:

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I Would Say Your Theory
Is Rather Spot On…
Rather Close To Truth
And To What I Feel…

When One KNOWS Some Thing
Just Knows It Deep Down
That It’s TRUTH…

There’s No Need To Explain
Or Justify To Others
No Validation Needed



Ahhh. … Yes

Once Again. …

Every Thing Is Connected


Good post - love stuff like this. I’ve ben thinking lately they could be like admins on a server, coming into the simulation, to check that we’re still staying and playing within the confines of the program…who knows, I defo think that they’re a real phenomenon and have been experienced by various cultures through out our whole history.


Can you elaborate on the people being swapped out with clones? That part interested me more than anything for some reason.

If any being could travel in time it would cause the space/time continuum, the fabric of time to be destroyed. It is very possible we could cease to exist. This is an old accurate analogy but it is one the time traveler proponents refuse to give thought and keep discounting it and looking for time travelers.

Suppose a time traveler did something that caused our present to be changed. Example he stepped out in front of a car or horse or carriage and the occupant was killed. That occupant was your great grandfather. Now he is gone and you do not exist. Imagine this on a global level of 100s of years…

Therefore time travel is not possible.
Einstein said if you approached the speed of light the speed of light would just increase exponentially in relation to the speed you are approaching it. …
Nice sci fi show, but very tin foiled in real life.

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I believe the answer as to what the “aliens” are and their relation to us can be explained in this short cartoon…

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If you saying that they are inter-dimensional beings with limited ability to manifest in a physical form in our world I will agree.

What is sad is that there are people who have encountered these people and communicated with them and know exactly what they are but will not be believed because people want to believe in something else that either suits their desires or needs or honestly sometimes they have just watched way too much tv and read too many sci fi books.

I would never say something is impossible, and our “science” doesn’t know “science” enough to say time travel isn’t possible. I tend to lean on the theory if something were to go back and influence it’s own timeline then a new timeline would bubble up, like watching soap suds form in pouring water.

@Danny_28764 if there are other realms like let’s say Heaven and Hell are they happening in the same timeline as our or outside it? I always thought of them happening in a Time Crunch (like in FF8), in other words a place where past, present, and future are happening at the same time…Infinity as we perceive it as humans is scary…


You would be watching the present changing all around like someone holding down the channel forward button on the tv remote control

I believe they exist on another plain, dimension, string; and are able to glimpse into ours.

Some beings can step in and alter, maybe there’s a limit as to how much altering they can do? Other beings are dimly aware of us, much as we are of them…like being ghosts to each other. And then everything in between.

I don’t have any answers, only questions, but I believe I’m hitting in the right ball park.

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I would imagine life would splinter and seamlessly veer in altering directions. Maybe glimpses of evidence would be subjective, like the Mandela Effect.

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