The Klerksdorp Spheres... Who Crafted Them?

Spheres a Phenom World Wide.

Crafted or Natural…



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Interesting, never heard of these before…to look at, if you had of said peru for eg…I would’ve said man made jewellery…fascinating stuff :beers:


Something Else

That is Found All Over

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Highly compelling indeed,

But i didn’t know we were able to carbon date rock

I read about these a few years ago, scientists recon they were made in zero gravity because of there precision

scientists at the California Space Institute tested an Ottosdal object and concluded that its balance “… is so fine, it exceeded the limit of their measuring technology …” and “… to within one-hundred thousandths of an inch from absolute perfection …”


Oh Coolio

Looks like the last remnants of the first bowlo haha

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Star_man you nailed it bro!
I mentioned on a previous post of @Skippychippy
that mentioned vitrified forts and microsphericles.

I put the postulation that if the earth did indeed go through an electrical cataclysm ther would be evidence therof world wide, and could explain the sphearicles in the fort proximities, and if massive amounts of earth were disheveled into the atmosphere then much of that debris could take the shape of spheres before coming back down to earth.

Question is do these spheracle objects show evidence of excessive heat?
It would most likely be observed with orbs that have remained buried as weathering would likely have erased much evidence on those that are exposed to the eviroment.

Great stuff Brendace!
Keepem rollin!!! :sunglasses:


It’s All Tying Together💞

nice one, thanks … :beers:

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Definitely an awesome post, I’ve come across this some years ago. I’m from the country and another to add to your viewing list, if not seen before, is our South African Roswell that occurred in the Karoo region of South Africa, Eastern Cape & Cape Town Province probably around the same times as Roswell itself. Not long after was the establishment of the observatories throughout Southern Africa as well.

The orbs were believed to have harbored foreign or extraterrestrial dna/s that originally birthed a few of the African peoples from millennia ago although that’s partial of what we as South Africans are taught (might be invalidated or further developments)

Brilliant post👍Thanks for sharing

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Much Obligied😛

Those grooves look like something is suppose to wrap around them. String? Wire?

Wire Maybe…

To me they look like very carefully crafted maybe even milled weights for …somthing… but why all different sizes? I can’t find the article but there was also round metalic spheres washing up on a beach somwhere as well.

I believe that mankind and civilization has been advanced and destroyed themselves at least once in war and God whiped them out once at least.



Weight Sets

Always Come With

Remember Cotton Scales?

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Rite…I Can’t Find The One

You Are Referencing Either

Lol, mate I spent so much time on the bowling green with grandma as a kid and that’s EXACTLY what I was thinking…i enjoyed bowls but the games just so biased :rofl: :beers:

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