The largest group of hypocrite bigots on the planet

Not only is this video incredibly fwcking racist. But most of the shjt they accuse white people of; they themselves are the most guilty. No wonder most of them make great Marxists.

'Accuse others of what you’re guilty of." —Karl Marx


Destroy whitey!!!

Turn it around… :thinking:


I subscribed to Cut until today.

Can you say Race Baiting?

Interviewer - “What are White People Superior At?”

Person answering - "Not getting arrested. "

I do agree with that one.

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This is why tRump removed critical race theory from government funding. These poor people believe that skin color is the reason why they are discriminated against. about 50% of crime committed in this country is committed by white people. If these people had been educated by the right instead of the insane left they would have walked away from this question laughing at the stupidity of the question. More proof that the Left is insane just wants to divide this country.

That is a disgusting comment. Research some history with an open mind.

There’s absolutely nothing racist about it!!! I can’t believe that upsets you.

If it does, it really does prove a point.

It’s also the title which is misleading as it doesn’t accurately reflect what they were asked.

I happen to agree to a certain extent with these people, they are not entirely wrong if you understand where they are coming from. It is a one sided point of view and frankly an ignorant one, but one can understand why. The question itself is bull shit projection, just goes to show how psychologically ill equipped the populace is to advanced psychological manipulation, they don’t have a fucking clue its going on. This is a perfect example of how the BLM movement is a divisive one that has pretty much erased all the achievements of MLK. Even Dick Gregory called out the BLM movement as horse shit, called it like it is… it is financed by the Koch brothers and Soros amongst many other who are looking to destroy the African American community in this country. Many people get it, sadly many do not. Take a look at these people they all fit one very specific demographic, hmmmm.

It is astounding how easy it was to achieve for those who are masters of divide and conquer. Over the past 10 years it has been obvious they were going to weaponize race. They are essentially calling all white people racists, as a white person that all my life was sympathetic to the plight of minorities this makes my blood boil. This in a nut shell speaks volumes, this is the level of ignorance the world is up against. They are correct about one thing, in their eyes “white people” are masters of destruction, I will not deny that a case can be made for that. Guess what you idiots are being set up for triggering… you are going to get the race war you dumbasses want so bad. If you were looking to depopulate wouldn’t you trigger one, especially when society has so obviously been prepped for one? Many of these Marxist are under mind control, they’re psychological make up pretty much guarantees they will never wake up to that fact, at least not until its too late. Which it kind of already is, there might be no stopping this run away train, they will go through with it to some degree. They have been practicing for urban warfare for 20 years. Where will you go when the cities become quarantined war zones? Thats the point you BLM idiots, they are sacrificing you. I would say wake up, but it is so hard for people to see the other side, I am not holding my breathe, they are way too invested in their hate, consumed by it entirely.

The facial expressions speak volumes to those who know.

Said the upset person.

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Imagine 200 years ago, now imagine today and BLM wanting to reinstall slavery on white people and committing acts of violence because you won’t be an white slave for them and agree to pay them through your work tax money for simply being born black. In other words who wants to be a modern day slave to a group of dysfunctional black racists marxists.Woohoo.:thinking::roll_eyes:

It’s like being robbed with an excuse instead of a gun.

Imagine working long hours but some can’t survive or pay bills because your money is going to their black pocket while the black man lives the work free handout life at your expense while still hating and belittling your race and still will have problems or wanting something else after that.

BLM are Marxist garbage.:thinking::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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Next watch how I get banned for posting that while others are posting,” destroy whitey”

Imagine if I posted “destroy blackie.“.:thinking::shushing_face:

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Fun fact…
Whites make up only 8-9 percent of the worlds population.


I’m not upset, just that comment was deliberately leading…

Flip the races and let me know if this video would even be allowed on Youtube.

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I’m sure it would- do a search?
I have.

In this video, they didn’t say that.
It was quite light hearted I thought.

Smigg no one gets what you actually meant
your comment was freaking deep

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