The Legacy of Ancient Trippers Stripped from Teeth

The more things change…have you ever wondered just how tweaked people got way back when?, really?, no me either, but it turns out they didn’t might a bump of the good gear either…


Suspecting ancient teeth might hold genetic maps leading to answers about drug use in the old world , the researchers met a virtual wall in their research project. Until now, science hadn’t developed a way to test tooth calculus specifically for opiates, cannabis, and magic mushrooms : the substances that they suspected the 19th century Dutch farmers had been consuming. The two researchers contacted renowned forensic dentist, Dr. Dorthe Bindslev, from Aarhus University in Denmark, enquiring if traditional drug testing methods for blood and hair might be adapted to serve a new archaeological purpose…

It’s unclear as to whether this method can be used on all ancient skulls as it’s not yet known just how long tartar/calculus retains plant drug signatures…

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I knew it…all drugs should be legal


Let’s not go too hard too soon though mate…let’s start with MDMA and see how that goes :wink: :beers:


Ok, legalize weed and cocaine, outlaw rest


Start small, I like it…at this stage my TV is staying in my TV cabinet :rofl: :beers:

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Well, I got no cabinets…all my TVs on the wall…I like the projector best and the 75" comes in 2nd

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Ooh yeah, now we’re talking bro…a mate put a massive projector screen in…was awesome :beers:

Projector here too.

My TV is 10 ft wide and 6 ft tall. Projectors are awesome

Cannabis, shrooms, mdma, dmt,
Would be my first choices.

Lsd, coca leaves. ( processed cocaine decriminalized)

Leave the rest to pharmaceuticals, they seem to thrive off them anyway.

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Oh for sure mate, they have the market stitched up both ends…a good mate of one of mine mates is a copper and the topic came up one day over a few beers…we were talking about how bad the meth problem was becoming and the troubles associated with it…and he was of the opinion that if they knew this was coming they wouldn’t gone so hard at the disco bikkies…

As long as there’s demand someone will supply, I don’t know the answers, but maybe the approach is off a little :beers:

That was a real bad case of gingivitis.

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Might of been a case stringing too many all nighters on the gear :rofl: :beers: