The Mask Cultists Were Duped

Here in another Freedom of Information email release, we see Fauci telling a friend the truth about masks.


Repeat after me cultists, the masks are for the sick, you know, like was known and established for a hundred years before the Orwellian year of 2020. Masks mandates and the like were literally instituted to maintain the idea that there actually was a pandemic in the minds of the people. And as pointed out by just about all thinking peeps on DTV, if there were a real pandemic with a truly deadly disease, they would not need to sell it to you. You would know by all of the bodies, the empty streets, and the news telling people to calm down, as opposed to them telling you to “follow health guidelines and wear your masks.” Your naivete, gullibility, and statist obedience was the only real pandemic in the last year and a half.

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Mr.Fuckies days are limited!!!

Naaaa! Hell walk away from it all just like our overlord here in NY that was/is responsible for the deaths of over 6000 people that still pats himself on the back about it all the time. Accountability no longer exists

It seems that every single person who acted as a signatory had a conflict that they didn’t disclose. Jeremy Farrar, Josie Golding, and Mike Turner all work for The Wellcome Trust, which works closely with the EcoHealth Alliance. Dennis Carroll partners with EcoHealth Alliance at Texas A&M. Ronald Corley’s University of Maryland also released all of the emails concerning Daszak and EcoHealth Alliance, which reveals that Daszak solicited support from Corley. Corley interestingly enough was the source on a New Yorker article that slammed Trump for pulling the funding from EcoHealth Alliance.

Christian Drosten and Stanley Pearlman edited Daszak and Shi’s paper on gain-of-function research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology. And the list keeps going…

Who isn’t on that list? The two godfathers of gain-of-function research, Dr. Ralph Baric and Dr. Yoshihiro Kawaoka, even though Daszak solicited their support. If it was truly such a slam dunk for a natural zoonotic event, why wouldn’t they loan their names to their Chinese colleagues?

Beyond the fact there is no scientific way that Daszak could have proved that the viral outbreak was absolutely a natural spillover, why was he rushing to immediately call any question regarding the lab a conspiracy theory? This effort started in January of 2020, long before we even knew how severe this was going to be. What did Daszak know that the rest of us didn’t? Would this letter have ever happened had it not been for Peter Daszak? Why would Daszak be circling the wagons before the start of the pandemic?

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The welcome trust is also very heavily funded by the Bill and Melinda gates foundation. And has you have so well shown how the tentacles of this entire scam always links back to the same groups the same organisations and the same people globally. Yet we are called all kinds of names for pointing out these has the facts and so the truth. Sadly to many will simply refuse to admit that this is a global conspiracy between these very people. Thanks for some great extra information that tie in all these links further :+1:

NYC slicker here in upstate now!!!
These peeps still be sleepin

Werd. Everyone i talk to absolutely hates cuomos guts so idk how he plans on getting re elected. I/we r affraid hes gunna make a run for the white house though

Not sure where abouts you are but up here same thing we hate Cuomo
Also, once you get outta Albany county its Trump territory everywhere so the only reason he lost this state is because of NYC

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Western ny…i drove across the state to VT and once u get away from buffalo and Rochester the bigger cities its all red clear across the state until u hit VT…that poor state got hit hard by the propaganda machine. I seen a whole lot of huge farm equipment in VT and laughed to myself thinking these people are not going to afford to put gas in these machines if they keep voting this way.

I actually believe the buffalo/Erie county area was going to be red this last election…until the fix was in. Idk what these people are thinking, the dems control the cities and the cities are hell holes and they continue to vote for the same team. I been quietly looking at property down south myself. plan on leaving this armpit part of the nation in a few years. Its getting to extreme and mismanaged for me.

It also states “however it can help provide some slight benefits from gross droplets”
Also you do realise we the people who were masks know the mask we buy are jot fully protective don’t you, we wear them cause it offers a small amount of protection over none plus I’ve since found its better to wear one not just because of covid but when I’m standing at a bus stop and not breathing in the shite exhaust fumes or wear one on the bus if someone has a cold or flu like systons offering me some slight protection also.
Also I wear mine just in case anyone who is shopping may have some covid anxieties and may make them feel more at ease when shopping (it’s called being thoughtful of others)
But I guess you just think we the mask wearers are just blind sheep.

I knew some obedient little scaredy cat would pick on that one little line to justify his cowardice in his own mind, lolZZZZ.

So you’re catering to other people’s irrational fears? Let me guess, you think you’ve done something virtuous?

Obedience mask

Masks have their uses, particularly in large crowds of strangers. But your perspective is rather dull and single minded. Masks are for the sick. Regardless of what your TV tells you, asymptomatic people have never been the driver of any viral outbreaks in recorded history. Therefore masking the healthy when they are not sick is cruel, Orwellian, and useless. The institution of masks was simply the visual prop that a pandemic existed when no other metric would have borne it out. Couple this with the suppression of what are now known to be near miracle drugs all so they can push experiments on the least critical thinkers in our society, and masks become symbols of oppression and tyranny, and the thoughtless complacence of the lemmings. What the media and the medical community have done to certain people’s minds over the last year is a travesty. People driving alone in their cars with masks on. Walking their dogs in broad daylight by themselves with masks on. Refusing to remove their masks when swimming or having sex. Avoiding their own families out of fear and state propaganda. No, the maskers are not virtuous. They are literally the useful idiots that have existed in every society that has ever succumbed to tyranny.


You gotta stop wearing the mask
Its making you sound like you suffer from rebreathing your toxic load and lack of oxygen

Covid is fake!!!