The Meat Lobby: How the Meat Industry Hides the Truth


Meat information unknown to us

I would not be one bit surprised if I’ve been eating human meat for 40 years.
They keep telling us that we’re exactly like pigs DNA-wise, they’ve probably been getting us desensitized to consume it


I have heard of some of the conditions commercial animals are raised in and I have seen some myself. Pigs raised in the dark and pacing neurotically. Chickens and ducks with so much ammonia in the air their eyes are shut because of the fumes. This is why I started farming. This with the nitrites/ nitrates ( not the celery or the pure salt ones) these animals are not raised with love and care for their welfare. “Grow them fast and get them to market before they die on you” motto. Consume less and better quality when available. Be very careful about the fake meat stuffs, they are deadly. I read a while back that nitrites or nitrates are created in our digestion , has anyone else heard this or read this?.

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