The Moon, An Alien Observation Base For The Humankind

The moon has always been a place of wonder. When most people were boys and girls they looked up at the night sky and wondered what the moon was made of, and if it could be eaten like cheese, and how high they could bounce on it. It turns out that questions about the moon are not felt for child-like wonderment. Even scientists have questions about the moon.

For instance, the moon is made of materials that are older than the materials that earth is made of. This does not make any sense. Why would the moon orbit something younger than itself? This also debunked the idea that the moon was actually at one point a part of the Earth, which for the longest time was a prevailing theory.

Questions About the Moon

Why does the moon sound hollow? When monitored by equipment checking density, it was said the moon rang like a bell. Some think that the moon has a three-mile thick outer layer and that the inside must be made of something else, and is hollow in some way. None of this makes sense as something that was supposedly made by nature.

Another question is that if the moon and the earth were made together, in a similar span of time in a similar area, why is the Earth so Iron rich while the moon is Iron deficient? The space they came from should have lead the particles they absorbed to have been similar, but they are not.

Some conspiracy theorists believe that the moon is a creation of a life force rather than a natural occurrence. The only proof of this is the abnormalities of the moon that are very suspicious. NASA has claimed that the moon is a mystery after their visit there. It is possible it will always remain a mystery.


Could this be the case? Interesting.