The most important part of our Constitution

The 2nd Amendment is without a doubt the most important part of the United States of America’s Constitution.
Mark Passio gives a detailed explanation as to what the 2nd Amendment is and exactly why it is, what I would call, the keystone to our Constitution.
Without it, every other Amendment is pointless.

As you can see after viewing this, we went way off track a long, long time ago and have never come back to the what our founding fathers truly meant for this country.
So… if we have been so far off course for so long regarding the 2nd Amendment, what else are we off course on?
If the 2nd Amendment was what I would consider the keystone of our Constitution, what has truly become of the remaining Amendments?
The saying, “Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it” makes a lot of sense, but what if history changes the minute it is made?
Anyone can agree that history is not always what we are taught. In the case of our Constitution, its true meaning probably started changing immediately.
Even if it is written, it is not taught. And if it is taught, it certainly is interpreted wrong. Otherwise we would not be where we are at today.
We are doomed…


For you anti-American shills, why is it so hard to understand, “Shall not be infringed.”

NWO trying to take away everyones sovereignty. So many tricked into believing a civilized country is only defined by where only the government has arms.

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Believe it or not, after 4 years of trump, plenty of liberals are learning to embrace the 2nd Amendment.

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Once they take away the second amendment, the others will soon fall.

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So the right to bare arms is more important than, say, the Rights to Religion, Speech, Press, Assembly, Petition, The right to vote, Disabled rights?

I’m not sure.

The minute we formed a standing army it failed. We have not been following the constitution since almost its passing in 1791.

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The fact that the Constitution is not taught in schools and no one seems interested in reading it is a huge problem.


When did this start happening?
I recall (vaguely…) late 70’s early 80’s education shifted away from things like this.
I also remember we used to do the pledge of allegiance every morning before class, then it became just Monday, then it just kinda disappeared.

The right to bare arms protects all of the other rights

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These ‘Rights’ are, unfortunately, illusions.

I have a gun and I can defend myself and my family from attacking punk kids and yes, I can and will do this. But, has me being armed stopped tyranny?
Has a nation that is as heavily armed as the USA stopped the tyranny that is going on within our very own country?
Like a cancer, tyranny encroaches regardless. Maybe a little slower than the rest of the world, but it’s here now, and it is having its way with us.
We are in literal lockdown while Wuhan party’s their asses off. Or so we’re told - rubbing it in our faces.

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Those 27 words that Mr. Passio field stripped and reassembled just became so much more meaningful to me!
What a freaking awesome topic / post silverfox! Absolutely fantastic! This is probably one of the most worthwhile topics for me personally that I have reviewed on DTV!

You are the militia silverfox. I am the militia. I always knew that, but the context Mr. Passio painted those 27 words with just snap, crackled, and popped! Mr. Passio’s program will be sent along by me to others!

I unfortunately agree with your astute analysis of our nation being off track. I will not agree that we are doomed though…can’t go there…at least I can’t!

There are posts above that are questionable to me…maybe they did not take time to watch the video! The same porridge minded you see at other spots on DTV. They remind me of Tories from the Revolutionary War (Volume 1). They will always be around…ignorance is like weeds…destructive and pervasive.

But freedom is like spinach to Popeye for those who live and breathe freedom. Freedom gives men strength. Mr. Passio said in his field strip “Unarmed people are enslaved people”!!! I believe people like are liberal friends within the DTV forum have already been enslaved. Maybe enslaved by privilege… born helpless like rich men’s children…silver spoon in hand! They don’t have the strength to field strip who they are and thus they become sheep! They don’t have the strength to have conviction. They don’t have spinach!

Thank so much for this topic!

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You’re very welcome! Hey! Even I learned something from this. :pray:

This video of Mr. Passio that you posted should be getting much more air play within the forum! In my opinion. Thinking about how to do that…any ideas? It could also be political? That’s where folks seem to coalesce…

Just think it is a damn fine piece of work by Passio!! Really resonated with me!

I mean it was like a page turner…40 whatever minutes just went by like that! I may have even drooled a little!

Sometimes I think folks don’t watch things…I get it when a video might be 2-3 hours…but 40 minutes of must see stuff like this is doable! Should be required viewing for all elected officials!

It’s definitely history. Mark Pasio has some really interesting ideas on natural law. His presentations can be lengthy, but he’s about as logical as they come.
The guy is also pretty humble, in my opinion and maybe this is why not too many know of him.

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