The Most Shocking Thing That Jesus Taught!

I thought this would be a good spot for this post and it’s very shocking! And it seems that most don’t realize that Jesus even taught this shocking teaching!

I hope this finds everyone well!


If I could give you ten likes I would …


Lol! Thanks Danny.

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You are coming on the scene acting like another troll. Instead of blabbing all these claims and making these unfounded unproveable claims just present some evidence.


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What unprovable claims!?:joy::joy: Go read the text in the entire chapter yourself so you know I wouldn’t distort the words like the uploader of the video and the disclose account poster did. Cmon now how stupid can you be. The story didn’t just start at that point, “cut off your hands and yada yada”. There’s a reason they only mention 8-9 instead of the entire chapter or whatever they call it. You’re the troll here. You keep responding to my comments even on other threads, so yeah you, you’re the troll

Read my comments on the other post to you and apply it to this one as well. You are a vile person and I have no time for you. If you knew so much about the Bible you would clean up your filthy disgusting mouth and control your temper a little better. I would seem you have only read 2 verses and probably did a Google on that and got just enough info to make an unintelligent argument. Take time to watch the video and learn what symbolism is in the bible because it is full of it.

Read the rest of it and apply it to your miserable angry little mouth and attitude


Danny… Lmao a vile person but youre the one supporting the bashing of people’s religious texts and use them to fit an agenda? Like I said up there :point_up:t4: I’m not religious but I’m not a coward and attack the religious people’s beliefs or bible/stories. Since youre putting a brick wall up it’s obvious you are trying to spread the same agenda… I hope you don’t have children I can imagine the smut your teaching them. But one thing I will tell you is that I do HATE pedophiles. The pedos do terrible things and tell the victim that it’s ok. They eventually lie to the victim to be a perpetrator. Go ahead and read the Bible you’re trying to get others to read dummy


May i ask , if you , if you believe that Jesus was the Son Of God?

No misdirection, no conundrums, just a yes or no.

Yes no doubt. And that in total agreement with the Trinity

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Was curious is all, Thanks for the answer :grinning:

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Yes, I believe that.

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Now consider;
Sermon on the mount.

Thoughts that cause sin…
Rebuke them…

Scripture says woe to those who
asked not forgiveness of their sins.



Ok, cool, like i said to Danny, was just curious is all :grinning:

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Hey DonLos,

I am not sure why you are so angry and I don’t understand how you put the video I posted with pedophilia? But, we all can have our opinion. If you want to give a good argument for why the video is wrong; I am willing to listen.

But, until you can do that there is no sense in pointing fingers and calling people stuff that you have no idea if that is what they are or not.

Anyway, I hope this finds you well.


Good post sir. Bravo!

No need to to call me sir. Boyd will be just fine. :slight_smile:

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This was a metaphor but you could definitely take it litterally if you wanted to emphasizing just how serious it is to routinely watch out for things in your life that cause you to walk astray from the path towards being closer to God and following the teaching of Christ and just how serious it is.

The concept was “If you KNOW WITHOUT DOUBT” somthing causes you to sin GET IT OUT OF YOUR LIFE.

Some people will never be able to stop at ONE beer, some people can’t stop at ONE cigrette, and so on… If you cannot control yourself around somthing then don’t allow yourself near that thing whatever it may be.

The pursuits of success and SOME forms of pleasure with moderation are NOT a sin (read the Bible for more details) but allowing those things to control your life IS a sin and puts you in danger of the fires of hell.