The needless death of 7 American Astronauts 28 January 1986


Believe me when I tell you this, those “O” seals are so simple in their design and cost that I find it unbelievable that money comes before lives.


Actually it was President Reagan who wanted that Shuttle up. Under no uncertain terms. And so they launched her, and with ice covering everything on the launchpad after 73 seconds the flames from the solid rocket boaster acted like a blow torch into the external fuel tank. We all know what happened next. And yes money comes before everything.

Regan was not a engineer

You cannot let politicians make engineering choices, ever. Did the engineer get fired for saying no launch.

As a lowly mechanic I could red line any truck, and if my boss diddent like the school buss being downed for safety. I could telephone CHP and then all the school busses and my boss get audited.

That is called a killswitch feed back loop. It takes courage . I did not find courage on that launch, they acted like goose stepping Marines.

There is times for marine thinking when you know you move forward to die holding head up with no fear.

There is times to think like a sailor, know every job and every duty, and know when it is stupid to risk ship needlessly,.

I would love to hear the engineer being honored here did stand up and pay the price.
Then and only then he would be a hero

Hero’s are dam hard to find

Regardless, He’s the one who wanted it launched because it would be the first teacher in space.
The engineers warning was ignored.

May be true

When a mechanic or millwright or engineer says no it don’t go

When they " Advise against it" they don’t want to lose their job if something goes wrong.

This guy is not then a hero. There are PAlenty of wack jobs that way to see stuff blow up and the world burn.

There are a lot of hero’s in the world.
So, we’ll praise them here.

You have a seen one yet

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Hate to break it to you, the astronauts we were told were in it were nit, they are still alive and well, most with their original names, but also with 3 of them being called “identical twins”, they didn’t anticipate the internet so it is easy to find evidence, which is very compeloing.

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That’s been proven wrong…those people who look like them…just happen to look like them…some are obvious just looking at them

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The teacher was recording the launch…they survived explosion…you see the box coming down…one of the astronauts says were not going to survive splashdown…it shattered…so…for the cost and time of having some type of parachute system on board the shuttle program…7 people died who could’ve survived

I don’t know I believe it but , I had heard that conspiracy


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That story is false…do some investigation into it…look closely,some of them aren’t even close…this also is a repeated thread…from months ago…


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