The Ontario Barbells | DoD contractor sees unidentified object with strange symbols, goes on record

Super interesting UFO case out of Canada — one of the lead investigators founded The Scientific Coalition for UAP Studies (SCU), he goes on record here. The main witness and a secondary witness are also on record talking about:

  • Three barbell-shaped UFOs seen while on a hunting trip
  • electromagnetic effects experienced by phone, camera and radio
  • interference pattern seen on video when attempting to record object
  • using rifle scope to make detailed measurements
  • strange symbols seen on the side of one of the crafts, similar to Cree
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Yeah…if anyone can just claim something and make it true, then I saw a pink unicorn the other day…I work in reno so it must be true! …some evidence would had been nice…

Ya I saw you riding said unicorn naked with nipple clips and blue hair. It’s TRUE.

The evidence is eyewitness testimony from 3 individuals. One witness with very detailed descriptions of what he observed. Seems reasonable enough.

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