The Ovaries?

According to Pfizer data, the mRNA delivery system, lipid nanoparticles, appear to collect in the ovaries of women. Could this be evidence that some of the miscarriages and heavy periods reported by women are a direct result of the vaccines and not coincidence as they have us believe. Is it only the delivery system that enters the ovaries, or the spike proteins as well? The divide over the definition of “safe and effective” is a little perplexing. How many sudden deaths, or sudden immobilizations, or sudden miscarriages are enough to deem something unsafe? It’s cognitive dissonance in the age of scientism and rebellion is what it is. And they want to give this to your daughters. These nanoparticles also collect in the bone marrow and lymphnodes.


Judging by the average attention span, long term effects will not be attributed to these cocktails of death.
On the contrary, the long term effects will bolster big pharma.


Got a “find the vaccine near you” commercial in the middle of this presentation. Surprised it hasn’t been taken down?

If i ever have the chance, i will kick fraudchi in the ovaries !!!


An autopsy of a gene therapy victim stated it actually got into every organ in the body.

Which it was NOT meant todo.


It’s becoming more common that autopsies are not being performed anymore. Families of deceased are having to pay out of pocket if they suspect a loved one succumbed to these jabs.


Pushing this global narrative of “take our safe jab” is actually globally exposing the skeleton of Their organization, it’s all or nothing for Them now - ergo find a jab near you pop ups everywhere. Days of throwing shit-cake in their faces as counter-reaction on their plans are over and They know it.

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