'The Purge': Amazon Suspended Parler From Its Web Hosting once the ban takes effect on Sunday Parler will go offline

The communazis love Hitler


The NWO can eat a fat one. This is about Freedom of Speech, not Trump. Chinas government can go to hell. I will speak my mind. Give me Liberty or give me death!


…If You Can Make People Believe Absurdities , You Can Make Them Commit Atrocities …

But But The Capitol…Orange Man Bad…



Is Amazon part of the government? Are their servers a public utility? Do they have an obligation to allow anyone to use their servers?

Did you get your gay wedding cake baked yet?

I don’t need one, I happen to not be gay. But if you are saying that in reference to the famous case of the baker that didn’t wanted to make a cake for a gay couple, if I remember correctly, the baker ultimately won in the supreme court. Therefore, the same rule of law should apply to the social media companies, right?

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