The QAnon Qult Casualties

Im sure many here are Q believers but i ran into some reddit threads that are really interesting.

There are groups of tens of thousands of people debunking everything that has to do with Q and first person stories of the damages that this idea brought down to people.

Its sad to read some of these stories, you can have an idea what kind of impact has this on people’s life.
People depressed, families destroyed, ended marriages…sad.


Here is an Interesting Video about Q Effect on the brain MUST WATCH!!


I view Qanon as a monster under the bed theories. I know nothing about them but seems to me the crazy conspiracy theorists of the left.

Looking at the reddit links, and know what reddit can be like, I am going to put a lot of salt with it.

I mean, this post seems contradictory or trapping a person

“claims to have unspeakable horrors but doesn’t show them” it is if these redditors want to see child porn “legally” for “proof”.

Also to add I find it funny they have a bot archive the screenshot and not the actual source of it. kind sad attempt at what another website does so much better.

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There is clearly some garbage there as well but there are many personal stories to read which is probably the most important aspect of the post.

I dont get the left part, they are famous to be Trump supporters so i dont think they lean left.

Watch that video from FT i posted above.

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I did watch it and have to stop at the cicada 3301 topic on the video. From a documentary I had seen shows like 5 people stuck on I think the last puzzle of cicada and doesn’t really portray that there is an army of cicada people for Qanon to convert and recruit.

There is probably something I am missing as it could be people who think they are smart and follow cicada. I just don’t see any good evidence or argument Qanon recruit people of cicada. It is a political conspiracy theory which I barely would engage in the two.

any other part of the video I am taking as face value and probably treating as propaganda due to source of the video is from and literally so little information about Qanon that I don’t really have any solid opinion about it.

the documentary link

sorry, didn’t come clear, my statement is i view Qanon is a left wing conspiracy theory. not that qanon is a left wing group.

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Thank you for posting that, fascinating and very interesting. Im done with 1 episode. Will keep watching.

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Just like CV19…all bs but with huge collateral damage

Well there is the part where he explains the enormous quantity of people following cicada and then the restricted circle actually working on it.
That is probably the part being recruited, not the guys working on it, the ones attracted by the mystery but that have no skills to even start to understand it

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Fair, it was something I was considering. Just a strange connection for them to make in my opinion.

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People are people and they react to things in various ways. No one knows who Q is, or even if it is one or several people. There is no such thing as "Qanon, " despite the falsehoods the media has been reporting the last several weeks. There is Q, an anonymous person that makes posts (originally at 4chan, then at 8chan until big tech seemed to decide they didn’t like it so it was de-platformed) so now it all happens at 8kun.

Those that follow and respond are also anonymous (everyone is as that is a requirement) so they are referred to as anons, and that is how you get the terminology that the media uses. Next to nothing that has been claimed was ever mentioned in an actual Q post. Anons do research on the things mentioned, but then they make their own interpretations which are usually never verified or argued against by Q. Occasionally a thing will be verified directly by Q, but not often.

That means that the many thousands of theories that the anons come up with and post about don’t necessarily have anything to do with Q or what was posted. Think whatever you like about it, either way, everyone is entitled to their opinion, but the truth of it is that no one actually knows what the case is. A LARP posting sh*t for fun and to drive some crazy? That is often the claim, but no one has yet proven it true. A government or intelligence insider dropping tips for anons to research themselves and try to work towards conclusions? It could be, but no one can really prove that either. You’re left with 6 of one and a half dozen of the other without ever actually knowing.

The way people think or speak or react after reading through all of it is their own responsibility. Marriages that end over it may not have been very solid to begin with on one hand, but there are also crazy people out there in the world that do and say crazy things for no good reason. It amounts to the same, 6 of one and a ha;f dozen of the other. Both ways you get the average variety you find in life. Nothing sad about it in the least. The people that come to sadness through it would have anyhow because they already had the character flaws that are the actual cause. Let them grow up and be responsible for the result. Nothing is really all that complicated.


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