The Religion Of Peace Commits Another Peaceful Act

A teacher in Paris has been teaching the kids at a school that muslims are the most peaceful immigrants in France. The during a class he showed some children pictures of Mohammed that had been in a french newspaper and caused controversy.

So they beheaded him. Caution I went past the pictures and or video as I do not care to see gore so if you do not want to do I recomment you do the same.


“witnesses watched as the attacker beheaded his victim in broad daylight close to a school”

Thus the reason why anyone who is able should concealed carry and be ready to defend your fellow man. Figures the Frenchies would just stand around and watch…

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There are much worse pictures out there. French seem to have a stomach for gore but not a stomach to fight

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“peaceful” indeed!

so disturbing and disgusting that people continue to walk about and around the body and didn’t get a police response until later that evening I understand.

apparently the guy had a twitter account too which account was deleted but this tweet described what was posted

Zero blood.

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Hm, should be blood everywhere , perhaps we’ve not seen correct pictures

gore pictures tend not to be shown publicly. decided to go to a shock gore site and first thing I see is original tweet with the disembodied head. If you want to see blood, find a gore site for it.

dont want to see gore, just want to know why there appears to be no blood in the photos I’ve seen so far