The religion of peace proves itself once again

A history teacher who showed his students cartoons of the prophet muhammad was beheaded by an 18 year old chechen. Police shot and killed the terrorist in a suburb of Paris shortly after the crime was committed.

There were still questions whether the killer was radicalized.
Hmmm… Ok, the murderer cut the guys head off with a kitchen knife while yelling allahu akbar. That’s pretty radicalized, isn’t it?
France leader, macaroni, said that this attack would not divide he country.

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Already posted my friend, no big deal, just saying

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Crap! I’ll pull it…

You judging a whole religion based on the actions of some nutjob…wow

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But is it not written?

Written where? If you mean the Quran or something… again that has nothing to do with the actions of a nutjob. Imagine if a white man shot up a kindergarden and I made a thread “ALL WHITE CHRISTIANS ARE EVIL” see what I mean?

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Is it written in scripture for Christians to slaughter those who insult Christ?

What scripture are you talking about? @Danny_28764 ?

Zero blood and people casually walking by…hmmm.

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