The saturnian concept of magic

Words from Gregor A. Gregorius, who built the FS…

not that many here will even glimpse the thuth behind the words… but i am a kind man…

ill give u some pearls of wisdom… do what u want with em…


The great longing in mankind for the divine, the incomprehensible, however, has always been present and created forms and concepts, because it could not understand nor grasp the absolute. Thus, the concept of deity was personified and the world of gods came into being.
But without the faith of the people the gods are only phantoms, because only the veneration and imagination form them. Well were the star myths and star cults the early basis of all religions, which were still connected to nature and it was only Christianity, which was reserved to to bring the concept of personification on a centralized denominator of a personal sole God in the today’s religious form.

The path which the esotericist serving the demiurge Saturn has to go is without question a higher path of knowledge which is not easy to go. It leads him to very high peaks of human cognition into an almost total loneliness of his thinking, but makes him free and also immune against the many inhibiting suggestions that flood the world.
The attainment of such summit achievements makes the spiritual man very lonely, but he becomes very happy in this self-chosen loneliness, for he needs in the spiritual world to be able to think.
But he will be very happy in this self-chosen loneliness, because in the spiritual sense he does not need the indifferent humanity any more.
His training so far, his occult studies and his systematic personality training on an energetic basis have brought him through the principle of compassionless love already let him go paths which were no longer in the lowlands, but off the big military roads. He has also become hard against himself, a lonely man who purposefully continues his way.
The higher he climbs, the more secure his footing becomes, and the abysses of the deep no longer frighten him.

He (the saturnian brother) wears the black priestly cloak of Saturn and shrouds himself in silence in the face of the compact majority of the ignorant crowd. The closed chain of the brotherhood to which he belongs is enough for him. Saturnian seriousness and acquired ability of concentration, critical faculty and acquired uranic intuition ability enable him to master the problems approaching him or to solve them in his favor. Little by little he will free himself from the inhibiting bonds that hinder his further spiritual development.
The usual church teachings and religions no longer mean anything to him.

Thus he goes his lonely way through his incarnations on this planet. He is probably enough for himself, but he feels deep joy in the spiritual work and will always work in the sense of a brotherhood of a spiritual humanity. Real love and real friendship are quite valid for him, because he knows about their rarity. He will always try to adapt himself to the laws of harmony and to develop them in himself, in the highest octave, because he knows about their rarity.
Such objectives and such a formed humanity lie entirely in the sense of the rising new age in the Uranian-Saturnian light.
To be mature is everything! And it is a delicious thing to be lonely in freedom!

Do what thou whilst is ze law!
Love is the Law.
Pityless love.


“but some day the piecing together of dissociated knowledge will open up such terrifying vistas of reality, and of a frightful position therein, that we shall either go mad from the revelation or flee from the deadly light into the peace and safety of a new dark age”


I passed out halfway reading this…zzzzzzzzzzzzz

zis is not lovecraftian utopia…

this is the real deal…

Nice picture and thats all I wanted to see :rofl:


some of u are into magic… and thats good… cauz its the only way to be urself…

its not a"conspiracy"… it is very real… the best in human history embraced magic…

you just have to choose what u want… this “reality”… or reality… its so easy…

and so hard… u have to give up all earthly pleasures… u have to leave malkuth…

can u do it?

It’s a strange reality we live, It’s cruel at It’s centre so I can understand taking the path of solitude It’s very appealing but there’s more.
We are at a place or a point where we are only able to see a tiny amount of what actually is and there is a reason for that so It’s a gamble with your soul.
Are we able to determine what’s good for us from where we are, I don’t think so, just look at the world we have created for ourselves.
It’s nuts like us.

Saturn is still heavily worshipped today. The Romans worshipped the planets as gods especially Saturn. They still do today. The crowns worn by royals and the colours worn by judges are all symbols to Saturn.
The gemortric movements of the other planets shapes the tides, the weather and the climate of the earth and Saturn is said to be controlling the vibrational fields of the earth. The rings of Saturn are amplified over the earth by the moon.

We ARE divine. Self realisation… find it.

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Saturn is associated with Satan.

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You would say that now wouldn’t you.
Perfect reply.

Yep. Good and evil all come from the same place. I LOVE satanism.

Yes I know, I thought you weren’t a believer in Christ though, are they not connect too, can’t have one without the other so to speak, or do you just not believe in Christ in the sense what He stands for ?

Christ was a fairytale written by the roman empire. I am the real teacher of love. I am one and all… good and bad… call me whatever name you wish. I care not…

Okie Dokie Karl.
Right I’m off to bed.

Goodnight. Satan is a name from a book. I study satanism which is the worship of ones self. No-one else.

And Baal amongst other things.

Saturn is baaaaddd news.

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Was watching some shit the others day, it was a deep brown, then turned kinda tan, then completely white after a long time had past . . .

It had mentioned how the Romans were spreading Christianity.

Now that made me think of all the other empires that sent in soldiers to spread the word of Christianity.

Now…why would anything that is welcome need a soldier to bring the word of Christ around?


Because Christianity is a false religion created by the same controlling empire.
Every single religion is all false. All nothing but a psychological warfare.