The Solar Micronova?

The Solar Micro nova…

This clip explains what they are, One of the likely contributors for them.

Could this be responsible for many of our cataclysms in the past?

I do loathe fear, and doomer clips.
Especially ones with a date.

No date… Its already started.

like they say in the videos…

Eyes open…No fear.


So many times people have gotten worked up over things like this.

At this point, All I can say is that something is going to give eventually, and when it does…

I tell my fam and friends, Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

Enjoy the time we have with love, and compassion.


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Thanks @Star_Scrier, think i posted this vid to a different topic.

I think this was titled, or cut from,
Cosmic Disaster/CIA Declassified …
He is passionate, if i recall correctly
he said he & his wife quit their careers to educate
as many folks as he can (or something like that) …

Good post…

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& today he shows us
Climate Bombshells continue

Ben davidson, does a gr8 job bringing us this info.
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Yeah Davidson covers this in great detail. What a topic. Vogt also has a lot of science from the journals too on offer. People say it’s impossible, but it’s not, it is a real event. And I was very neutral on this one for a while until the mountain of evidence came thru, especially from Vogt.

The fission tracks in the glass beads is the finger print of the sun. I have only heard that lightning can ‘perhaps’ cause this but the chap who said it wasn’t sure.

It is a doom and gloom topic, but I am really not a doom and gloom person. I’ve seen all kinds of end of world scenarios and theories, and the pole shift and nova were just ones that never seemed to go away.

The earth stopping it’s rotation, then reversing, just as with an electric motor, reverse the windings, it reverses it’s spin… So same thing, bigger scale. But we setup a bias in our brains to push this aside because it threatens our lives. It’s a messy topic and not one that wins you clicks and happy smiles.


I was reading some Mayan stuff recently and was surprised to read we had a CME in 2012 but we dodged the bullet so to speak…

If this happens it happens, meh, we’ll all met our maker at some point…

just make sure to salt the ice to keep the beer cold longer :beers:


Thought it was familiar, thanks capt. And yes I saw those too.
Ive been trying to steer clear of this subject, but like Ralos said it just seems to keep coming back to this.
Thanks guys, it is concearning, think Im gona try to find something more positive for a while.
Apreciate the input fellas. :sunglasses:

Ahh mate, don’t let it get to you. I know it’s hard topic, but we’re up to it.

what I found interesting was Vogt’s last vid on how the Piso’s changed the calendar, he says we are 37-41 years out… so 2046 less 34 years is 2012… well within any margin of error… When I noticed this I thought wow game on and we’re in the 80’s right now lol so yeah there’s that too.

Obviously there’s a tonne more. In time we can cover it unless this thread gets locked also.

Thank For Posting

So what we need to do is get lots and lots of money and secretly build shelters under the gound to have a fighting chance.

If we distract all the other people so they don’t know what we are doing we can steal their money.

Your comment on that picture how ironic,

Well off back to conspiracy central for me


Heres a full article link for a lot of extra background info.

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There’s plenty of empty realestate underground already lol…good sweep out should be as good as new…if this scenario plays out, I’m not sure surviving is a win :beers:


The lucky ones would be those that go out at the initial start. :eyes:


I don’t think the alternative is much better…I guess it depends on where bares the brunt :beers:

I find it amazing how “according to physics” or “science” earth should have been whiped clean by “this” asteroid or “that” meteorite and “suddenly” it changed course at the last minute.

Ive dwelt on that too!
As if these events are being held back till the appropriate time. :sunglasses:

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