The Systemic Decline In Education

No Thinking Required

Just Blind Obedience…

Destroy From With In

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State sponsored education system, k-12 were originally developed for educating the population to be able to function in an industrialized environment. As farming became less and less common for the average citizen.
University was used for refined educational pursuits, and a higher form for those who showed potential beyond the industrial requirements or had the money to bypass the eventual delima faced by many others.

As with any government run system, updates and keeping pace with advancements in learning, technology, and the evolution of the workplace environment were poorly managed. Resulting in a hodgepodge standard of education for the young populace who were no longer working the family farm, or business.

University, largely adapted and changed with the times, but ultimately became an institution of indoctrination for the general participant mirroring a standardized tutelage seen in the k-12 grades. Still allowing for specialized training for the ones who devoted themselves beyond the prestige of attending a college.

That indoctrination has ushered in a groupthink, one that does not require critical thinking, only group affirmation in the emotional support sense. Largely not centered in experience or knowledge. But supported by feelings and emotion based reasoning.

Facts, experience and history become irrelevant to charged emotional outbursts for being educated with no skill or trade upon reaching the otherside.

Now we face an aging political population who they themselves were a product of their time. Limited in their base knowledge pool and ability to adapt to a technological boom. That has seen the majority of human understanding and knowledge availability spread further, quicker then anytime in known history.
The caveat to that being, a willingness to seek it, not being caught up in distractions of karma videos, fads, porn, or other forms of frivolous entertainment and activity.

As the saying goes, ’ if you don’t use it, you lose it. ’ still is highly applicable even with this luxury that is available to a higher percentage of the worlds population then not.

Now we have newer generations rising to the top, for political purposes. Ones who have fallen prey to the groupthink mentality. Fueled by emotion, not reason, hate not logic. Certainly not able to use the wonderful inventions that has given many the ability to seek knowledge, speak their mind with others across the world, and learn from their fellow human.

Having I myself, gone from a day of no computers, no cellphone. Into this current moment of advancement. Have met, in a way, great people from all over the world. Developed friendships, even romantic interests from this wonderous, but double edged medium.

It is hard to believe, that with all the technology that is available that schooling still is a blackhole which swallows the masses, producing more failures then success.


You would think that a better educated society would create a better society…


Much Obliged…

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Hasn’t happened yet, maybe a properly educated society.

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They are definitely more towards having some time to kill, but much of the theme. Is not being properly equipped, via educational practices. To be able to recognize and navigate life.
False impressions of the nature of relation between things like money, technology, purpose in life.

All worth the listen, imo. Even if a little over 60 years ago.


I Found The Older Stuff

Is Very Apropos

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Universities have always had a group mentality and groupthink. Usually with an elite foundation. It is therefore up to the student to develop critical and independent thinking. In the early 1960s, many professors were accused of being professional idiots because of their unwillingness to think differently or adopt new approaches.
So this is not new. Societies evolve under many impulses. If this does not happen, it will be the downfall of society. Standing still is going backwards. A well-known saying.

And Change or Growth

For Its Own Sake is


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Much Obliged …

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