The TOZ-81 'Mars' Soviet Union's Ultimate Space Force Revolver

Remarkable survival tool that should be featured on the Forgotten Weapons, it was shot by American astronauts James Voss and David Wolf on their Survival Training and they say it shoots nice…“well-balanced, highly accurate, and convenient to use.”

They say also something else :rofl:

  • 3x barrels. 1x rifled
  • 2x shotgun shots
  • 5x rifle bullets in revolving cylinder
  • machete in the butt-stock

Enjoy the read.

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Machete in the buttstock, finally!

:rofl: it sounds funny when you say it.

This looks very similar to the robocop and/or judge dredd handgun! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

When a bear decides you are his lunch, one must Judge and install some Dredd in that bear… even without a gun.

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Oh Wow😱…


I Totally Want One!!

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Museum piece, like with all good stuff they stopped making it.

Early Here Luv…:coffee:

Machete in The Stock
What Sold Me😜

Morning, enjoy your coffee…I can pretend it’s morning, very dark skies and rain. Ahh the stock, thanks Dear.

Sunrise 10mins Away…Another
Hour Before Sun Over The Mountain

Going To Be A Glorious Day

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Looks like common ammo, so it could be still used.

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Space gun number 2.
I believe the US Astronauts carried a US 1911 .45 cal.

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nasa built there own space gun BadDesignGun

The machete was actually a stock extension also. It mounted on similar to an old Broomhandle Mauser stock extension.

Hehehe! Excellent play on words!
Now, if this would only work on humans…

Ha! Don’t get me wrong, I would LOVE to have that thing! And I have to be honest I only just now actually read the article, very interesting, and a better pic of the machete…

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When things go bad…