The Trick to Keeping Your Home Warm During Winter for Cheap

Looking at the “dark winter” coming here is a tool for your benefit…

Bubble Wrap Adds Warmth to Your Windows, it’s a cheap and potent tool to MacGyver your heating bills.


Right on :+1:t2:

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Oh my! I’d be popping the bubble wrap every time I passed a window! :joy:


Stuff some dirty laundry under drafty doorways…check…all jokes aside the misses wants a pellet stove but I can’t see what all the hype is…you go through literally tons of pellets. Can’t use it when the grid goes down if you dont have backup power. Wood burning stoves and or fireplaces are the way to go if you ask me.


Totally agree with that.

Wood stove is the way to go if you need it for emergency heating.

I have an old wood burning stove in my rental home. I had a cord and a half delivered last month in anticipation of a grid down scenario. I’m in the PNW so fairly mild winters compared to my old stomping grounds west of Chicago. Worst it gets is 20 degrees overnight which usually warms up to 40 or so during the day.

I do have to babysit this stove to keep it burning more than 3 hours because i don’t overload the box to achieve a comfortable 68 degrees. Lost power couple years ago for about 10 days before they got up here to our little neighborhood. Guess i used almost a face cord which is wood stacked 8’ x 4’ x 14” min width of the split log.

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