The Umbrella Man

Good video about conspiracies and how you should wait them out.

Sometimes jumping to conclusions can leave you with your foot in your mouth.

I dont believe there is a connection with this umbrella person. Where hes standing, is not nearly the right angles to have any correlation with the shots fired. Where hes standing hes almost at a 90 degree angle to jfks right side…jackie o would have taken a hits instead of the governor sitting infront of jfk…this guy was just shielding himself from the sun i believe

The video explains that the man himself came forward and the umbrella actually was a protest to something his father did I think.

But it’s just an example of conspiracy theories.

For me posting a link to the NYT is one of those “thats all I needed to know about you things”, it speaks volumes. Though I cant say I am in the least bit surprised. Either you get it or you don’t. Above all the MSM trash, I cant wait to see the NYT get what it deserves…

Just remember folks the men who killed Kennedy have been running this country ever since. Bush sr at the Texas School Book Depository…

The shot came from the sewer.


Putting more thought into it and being an avid shooter myself id want my target coming at me in as straight of a line as possible or going away from me in as stra3 of a line as pissible. Then id only have to adjust for minimal amounts of elevation. The umbrella man would have very little time to adjust to massive amounts of windage. Where the umbrella man is, would be the worst place to take a shot from.

Ooo ic i stoped watching shortly after it started figuring they were going to claim he was the or another shooter…glad u said something im going to watch it again