The Whole World Is A Stage

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What is the point of this? :man_shrugging:

It means while the people sleep They Live. Forever bonded into slavery and imprisonment because people are fighting each other while the slave masters go untouched or uncontested


And is there a way out of it?
If so, how?

Yes, make war against the darkness and extirpate it from existence. Then we get off this fking rock and venture in the heavens where our true destiny lies.

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Haven’t we been making war against the darkness?
This reality is one of duality, right?

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No, we have been fighting amongst ourselves and enabling the rot to spread at an exponential rate. The process has quickened because the means are now available to expedite it. From the moment we are born, we are plugged into the system; taught and educated to be nothing more than consumers; consumers who are now being consumed by the very things they were taught to adhere to. Just look around you, mate. Look at the consumers walking around like tits in trances. Playing a game that they don’t even know the rules too; and even those who we believe make the rules don’t understand them.

I have long pondered how a sentient species (humans) of such breath-taking capacity for creation - and destruction - can knowingly implement rules and axioms that ultimately serve as a detriment to their own survival. Yet, here we are; on the precipice of a yawning abyss. So I ask myself is all this of our own making. Are we truly that masochistic as a species, or is there something else at play?

We are going to witness things in the coming months and years that will blow our perceived reality to pieces. It is what we do and how we act that will ultimately decide where we end up as a species. Sure, many will laugh and go back into their safety bubbles because it is easier to escape the madness than square up to it; but I for one think that even those safety bubbles won’t keep out what’s coming, and maybe that is ultimately a good thing.

Anyway, I have waffled on long enough. I am just tired of all this now. Tired of feeling like the only bloke on the boat who can see the massive iceberg coming out of the mist.



Always have appreciated your input, sir! :pray:

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Dude I Hear You…

And NO

U Ain’t The Only Bloke


As I do yours, my friend.

Cheers, Bren.


Jump off and captain your own ship. Nowadays you have to veer way off course to be anywhere near an iceberg. They rarely enter shipping lanes anymore. Plus surface radar will pick it up long before the mist clears up. Or continue head on, the first compartment will get destroyed but the rest of the ship will sail on.

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Tell that to the titanic

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If all this fraud gets exposed…

there is going to be a lot more exposed along with it, and many will see what has been happening right under their noses. There was a poll that was done of Biden voters the day after the election where it was explained to any who didn’t know about the laptop, Ukraine, etc, and almost 20% of them said HAD THEY KNOWN that it was real, they wouldn’t have voted for him. The only hold outs will be the wildly radical dipshits who are being paid to riot and burn things down.

If this falls the way I think it’s going to, it will be a reuniting/healing event for the U.S.

Sunday morning QBs already agree that the ship would have stayed afloat if it hit the iceberg head on. Which is why I said it like that. Not let the iceberg tear up the side of the ship with a gash that flooded multiple compartments. And before you rip into my QB comparison, I know it’s Monday morning QBs.

Beat Me Too It…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Those holdouts can choke on a chicken bone for all igaf

It’s wednesday though :flushed:

I watched a documentary the other day that was made in 2017. It was about the 1960s and I did not realize the same thing happened in 1959. Nixon was winning in a landslide and suddenly votes started pouring in that were basically impossible. West Coast states were 2 hours from polls closing and already states had been given to Kennedy. When they pressed Nixon he said if he pressed and lost he would never get elected. He chose to concede and as we know was elected later and a lot because he got Ronald Reagan to support him in California and west coast. So who knows how long this has been happening.