The World Today: Disagreeing With Them Is Offending Them

You will notice in the world today anytime a Christian points out a heresy, accident or simple misinterpretation with the world they are considered CLOSE MINDED!! OMG the horror of holding on to a belief and not being willing to consider the opposite side as a potential truth. What kind of person would do such a horrible thing??? I can name a couple and let you read about it here…One would be Jesus Christ Himself and the other Matthew. We also know Paul would and did and gave his life for it and was beheaded. Jesus future on a Cross was nailed when he called the Pharisees a brood of Vipers. During that time he called them out and referred to them as ravenous wolves, swine, dogs (in their culture a dog was basically a 4 legged vulture that could be used for security and hunting). So those with their feelings on their sleeves and need a safe spot to keep control of their emotions today would have really been flipping out back then.
How Should Christians Respond to Heresy? | Cold Case Christianity

I watch today as people are so emotionally stuck on being accepted and agreed with they almost are out of control if it does not happen. Read this guys and think about it. I see people on the internet that so stuck on fitting in and being agreed with they will agree with anything today and tomorrow agree with someone else on a totally opposite view. They do not care if a total lie is being offered as long as they can be accepted by that person. A great deal of the time this person has no clue who is right or wrong but they gotta have a pal somewhere that accepts them so they just agree. This was pretty much the Pharisee of that day modern day representative.
So know this, if a Christian disagrees and calls it out by name or person they are doing what God says. Take it up with God if you do not like it.
Its another sign of the last days. Jesus said people would be taken up with vain superstitions and heresy and they would have itching ears that just want to be scratched. Well that ear scratcher is a tool called “agree with me and I agree with you”


Seriously though… for the past year, my ears have been itchy to a point where its almost clinical… :grimacing: I was just assuming a new patch of dry skin or a reaction to my anti seizure meds. Thanks alot Danny.


I would explain what I mean but I know you are a smart man and got it :rofl:


Just a fact with no relevance. Did you know the Apostle Paul was prone to seizures as well…and he was a great man


Well thank God for that.

I just remembered…

For the last 17 years my wife’s aunt has been sending us a card addressed to Paul for some reason. Thats not my name. :rofl:


I think Saul made some terrible mistakes in his life… He even understood he was doing some wrong things, for the wrong causes… With a slight name and character change Paul, went far and wide to spread the gospels… With his soul redeemed he can face himself in the mirror…

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A wise man once said…taking offense to something is a choice.


Alright Dave.

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Absolutely brother. There is hope for anyone until the last breath. Also you will notice that out of his most staunch enemies Jesus chose the very worst one. The most influential human of that time that was not a disciple that walked directly with Jesus. There are two points to note here

  1. Jesus knew what Paul was capable of and did not let what he was doing to stop that talent He created in Paul
  2. I say created in Paul because if you read the Book of Jeremiah you will see that Jeremiah tried to tell God “I am not the right man for this you have me all wrong” (paraphrased). God asked Jeremiah “where were you when I created you in the womb” and chided Jeremiah for trying to describe himself to God when God was the one that created him…

they also say that only the ego becomes offended.
all of these things are choices we make.
people will say “you made me angry”, but that is wrong.
they chose to become angry, because of something you did or said.
nobody made them do anything.


very very wise words Boom. valid point

God bless

On point :100: Nice post!

This happens no matter the topic and all have become the giver and taker in this, thats the sad part.
It Sucks

Itchy on the inside? Mine have been too

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Like crazy.

Never dealt with this before a year or so ago.


My right ear. Left ear not at all. Especially in the mornings or when I go to bed. Mega itchy. Super annoying lol


chuck some 3% hydrogen peroxide in there.
it should help.
pretty damp where you are?


Coastal province. I live deep in the middle of the woods on a lake so it can be damp pretty well all the time.

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