The world we live in today

Professional golfer Justin Thomas had missed an apparently easy putt and in frustration mumbled the word, Faggot.

Because nbc sports audio picked it up one of his sponsors took immediate action and dropped him.

There was a time I recall that the definition for this word was:

And only this definition.

Today if you look it up, this is always the primary definition:

Might I suggest that next he has mumble something out in frustration, that instead he says: Bundle of sticks!
Or better yet: F_ckin bundle of sticks!
Or even better still: F_ckin c_ck s_ckin bundle of sticks!
At least then he will get a pass…

Never cared for that word…in a moment of rage it really doesnt roll off my tongue as nicely as a few other choice words do so i rarely use it.

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