The ZOONOTIC THREAT: Herding Youi Into Smart Cities! The “Biodiversity” Lie/Agenda 2030

TPTB are Herding Humanity into Smart Cities.

"For those who are new, here is a report from exactly a year ago today on the use of “Zoonotic Risk” to separate humans from nature and ultimately herd people out of the countryside into the smart cities. (This was before Biden was elected, and announced the 30/30 plan)

The UN seeks to remove humans from 30% of land and inland water, and considers this “even more important than climate change!” A narrative is being crafted with COVID-19 to justify forcibly moving people off the land and farms, into the smart cities, in the name of “habitat” and “biodiversity.” It may sound reasonable, but what does it REALLY mean? Total control. Christian breaks it down."


Can anyone say… Logan’s Run?

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Interesting that In Amazon’s tv show, Utopia, this flu is spread by bunny petting zoos…:thinking:

Several years back they were talking about this societal move to major cities. The thing that stuck with me was the mentioning of vast parts of America to be for “non-human” occupation.

Now why the use of the term non-human? Are they talking about wildlife, robots, EBEs, hybrids or the vaxxed? Seems like if they were talking about wildlife they would’ve said wildlife, not non-human…

Great Question !

I do not have an answer though.

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