There is a hole in the Sphinx's head and it is now covered up

Did you know there is something like a submarine hatch at the top of the Sphinx?

Overhead filming is forbidden on the Giza Plateau but there are a few channels on YouTube with drone footage. Here is one showing the hatch in high resolution:

But it’s more than that. Zahi Hawass has been in the chambers in and under the Sphinx, released a video on it, found a Sarcophagus, and then never spoke about it again.

The chambers and tunnels under the Sphinx point to a very real ‘Hall of Records’.

Many of these tunnels were originally shown and then never brought up again by Zahi Hawass, the ‘gatekeeper’ of mainstream Egyptology.

The researcher Robert Schoch has seismic data indicating there is a chamber underneath the paws of the Sphinx.

There is a tunnel leading from the Sphinx to the Great Pyramid. There is a man-made space that Edgar Cayce predicted under the Sphinx’s right paw. Caycee said in that space, the civilization before Egyptians left records about humanities past for future generations, these people would have migrated from Atlantis.

The weathering on the side of the sphinx is from water erosion. That would date it is from 12,000 years ago.

It makes you wonder sometimes why they are so adamant for telling that the Sphinx is exactly 4,500 years old when they have nothing to back it up.

the fact remains that there are underground chambers beneath the Sphinx. They may lead in all sorts of direction but it’s obvious that the original Pyramid builders would want some entryway into the Pyramid and supposedly they hid a passage underneath the older structure of the Sphinx.

They’re hiding our true history from us. Initially, it didn’t seem to make much sense as to why they would do this but after some careful thought, it has to do with controlling humanities foundational mythos in such a way that the government is perceived as being the foundation of society, in both the historical and creationary sense.

This naturally programs a certain level of allegiance into people that wouldn’t be there if we were taught the true extent of our history.

What ever was inbeded under the sphinx ear has long gone and modern man probably won’t ever find out what it was that was ever inside it.
The Egyptians never built the sphinx, they just commandeered it at some point and chiseled a smaller sized head and face to claim it for themselves, like they did with the pyramids. No one really knows the original face, we can only speculated.

For craftsmanship of that caliber in that time to be so precise, what with trigonometry, compound angles and slide fit hidden chambers, anyone must be silly enough to think that the ancient advances builders would create a hideous sphinx with such an out of proportion head, that it looks like it’s been sprinkled with voodoo magic Beatle juice dust? My other interest is the hole on top of the sphinx head which has been sealed and capped off.
The hole measures approximately 5 feet square and nearly 6 feet deep. An iron trap door was fitted to the mouth of the hole many years ago. One of the theories is that the hole began as a means for affixing a headdress to the sphinx in the manner for the New Kingdom.

I dont buy that for one minute. The Sphinx was not assembled piece by piece but was carved from a single mass of limestone exposed when the advanced ancients dug horseshoe-shaped quarry in the Giza plateau. Approximately 66 feet tall and 240 feet long, it is one of the largest and oldest monolithic statues in the world

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