There is no covid pandemic. Never was

There is no covid pandemic. There never was a covid pandemic. There is no reason to get “vaccinated”. It is not real.

The only way to get the covid is from approved masks, tests or vaccines. It is chemical poisoning. And their death count is rising.

The only way to get a “variant” is from injection/booster shot. It is a known fact that all natural viruses weaken as they variate. The Lockstep is a threat. It is extortion. It is BS.

This is the tail wagging the dog… the vaccine is the illness. Don’t take the jab and you won’t get the virus. This is a worldwide takeover attempt. It is psychological warfare. They are trying to kill you, enslave you or sterilize you. Or all three. This is tyranny.

This IS your second chance. You might not get another.

Stand up for freedom now!

Get over the fact that you can’t believe your government is doing this to you, they are!

They are painting you into a corner, they plan to take you to hell with them.

Do not go quietly into the night. Do not comply. Do not consent.

Freedom Lovers Of The World!


My wife is getting her monthly treatment for cancer today and was going to have another procedure done, but in order for this to be done she’d have to get a covid test.
None was required for the other procedure, which has been going on the better part of a year, but now all of a sudden they want one for this.
I’m telling ya… they got this hard on to shove a pipe cleaner into your brain and it’s becoming pretty f_ckin obvious it ain’t to get something, it’s to give something…


Wishing your wife the best recovery. That is mighty peculiar that they didn’t need the test before but “need” it now. For sure


Sorry to read that! Maybe she can request a ‘self-test’? You know, where perhaps you get to control what is done? This is truly an awful time…

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These evil people will only stop when they are made to do so. And we can do that with words & actions. Solutions are brewing…

In the meantime one of the easiest things everybody can do is be happy. Smile more, laugh more, spread cheer in public. Evil abhors happiness… so overwhelm them in your community. Laughter is contagious!


At first I thought this was to collect as many people’s DNA as fast as possible from the PCR tests., then this shot in 8 months brought the level up, then seen that there are 4 spots for these shots on that card when you only need 1 or 2 to be “SAFE” right, then “THEY” say it wont protect you, so im seeing no point, lie after lie, day after day, when every single college, university, and the full private sector denied because “THEY” say it hasnt been isolated, that raises red flags to me.


I’m with you on all that. Way too many red flags, suffocating us with red flags. It’s time to accept it for what it is. Sad but true

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Excuse me but when did you wake up? This has been going on for over a year, since they illegally detained me for two weeks without charge, others for much longer who’ve stood up against the machine.
I commend you for almost quoting Dylan Thomas-‘rage against the dying of the light’ Or rage Against The Machine

Too true there’s no virus! At least not the one big brother is telling tales about.
The Zika virus is another matter.
So are chemtrails.
The list goes on…
Masked Masquerades of charlatans charades…


Don’t accept anything. Question everything with respect. I’m not telling you what to do but that’s my point of view.

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One of my favorite songs. Fuck you I wont do what you tell me.


I don’t know if they’re still going bro but my ex missus ‘got me into them’. Definite beat a treat like Metallica in a way.

Extremely well said! Cheers no tears or fears though times are tough we’ll see this through 'cause we’ve has enough.

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Oh yeah been awake awhile, just thought it time to remind people. And encourage them maybe stiffen some spines

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Well my friend my spine’s been broken so they can’t far kin break me any more than the 18 wheeler did 27 years ago. Keep on truckin


Damn dude, its sad to see that every sacrifice that an American makes for this country is never rewarded.


Can’t keep good people down. Here’s to resilience :beer:


Cheers my brothers.


The thought had crossed my mind too mate.

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