There Is No Pandemic

Look at the worldwide death rates … shouldn’t we notice worldwide pandemic in 2020 numbers of dead folks? Nope, no deadly pandemic there. Also 2021 projection, same.

Link with data:

This gives similar picture when one picks a country with 2020 data available and zoom in…

Shouldn’t deadly global pandemic register on those scales?


death rates will skyrocket with these vaccines but yall already know that


Exactly looked at Uk death rate when it came out for 2020 more people died in 2019 !


Funny how they scream pandemic when in reality they’ve just relabeled most causes of death as Covid. “Covid” deaths are through the roof but all other deaths are historically low. This has been a planned agenda from day one to further advance the violation of personal liberties.


Macrotrends has this at the top of the page you linked

NOTE: All 2020 and later data are UN projections and DO NOT include any impacts of the COVID-19 virus.


I was going to bring this up but decided not to, considering that I previously shredded your sources into tiny little nano pieces. But now that it’s out there…

Attention to detail @catman.

That’s a mighty pretty line graph you have there though. You know I love me some pretty graphs. The X-axis and the Y-axis…it’s enough to make your toes curl.



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You also need to add to the death rates those who have jad all medical treatments stopped or suspended for cancer heart diseases diabetes ect due to this plandemic. And also add on thise who will die because of not having an early diagnosis for above types of killer illnesses. Reports i have seen will pit rhese figures into the 10s of millions worldwide. And i have not even said about suicides due to lockdowns and mental health problems.


But they got a cure… :skull_and_crossbones: :scream:



If there were no questions to ask people would not be asking them,
but this whole covid thing absolutely stinks nothing at all adds up except the idea that this has been invented to bring about a fascist world wide dictatorship and likely depopulate the world somehow in the process.

Nothing to do with this adds up at all,
its all very very suspect and reaks of a full on world wide conspiracy by the likes of people like bill gates and others who seem to be hell bent on getting a vaccine they have funded and developed jabbed into every human on earth.

Can anyone honestly believe the likes of bill gates gives a rats arse about humanity really?
Your dreaming and deluding yourself if you do.
I dont think its wise to go anywhere near the vax at all.

Go watch a doco on a real pandemic like spanish flu or the black plague and get back to me why this vax is even available let alone being mandated against our wills for a non existent pandemic its all a joke and a very dangerous one too in my opinion.

Nothing adds up…



It adds up perfectly when you figure out where it came from, where it was released, and the motive behind it. Then it will be just like the good old days, when the world made sense. But these things are like onions and has many layers. It might even make you cry. Nothing that a tissue and friend can’t fix though.

This is of course due to all the measures taken </sarcasm off>

Just wanna throw this out there AGAIN. Courtesy of @Canoecamper 's keen observation skills.

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It is all made up, this so called virus is no deadlier then the flu, they added a lot of deaths that wasn’t even the so called Covid flu…


The only difference between the flu and covid are its spelling


@Bobby Bravo Sir!

@Canoecamper thanks for noticing, but that was left there for somebody else who needs to see weakness before he dares to sink his teeth into flesh. You may want to look at that Sweden graph that does include impact of Covid (many other country graphs available at and

@Omfgimonfire did you found few drops of blood my dear fact checker? My bad, missed you shredding me into pieces with your fact checking, it makes me giggle :smiley_cat:: Don’t you know UN and WHO data is corrupted?


I’ll address all three with you (ideas, events and people).

  1. Would like to offer an idea that fact checker progresses from homework data to global data.
  2. In an event of fact checker skipping classes at homework, he will be less able to analyse and understand the global data.

You with me so far?

Why didn’t you do your homework?

Covid didn’t change anything in mortality rates in USA, they are stable in all age groups but vaccination campaign will soon change that:

All cause mortality in USA in weeks 1-19 from 2015 to 2020, do you see deadly pandemic?

USA deaths per week from 2018 - 2020, nothing out of ordinary:

CDC counting all deaths as Covid deaths, take notice of the fact that Covid dead increased at the same rate 500-2500-1600 with which all other deaths decreased (smells of fakery):

  1. What kind of fact checker are you? There is no pandemic. Are you sure you are not Batman? :rofl:



I am overwhelmed by the sheer volume of attractive graphs and charts that you just posted.

I am dead.

I can share my whisky, would that revive you? We don’t want you dead.

Jack Daniels?