There's a 50% Chance The World Is A Computer Simulation Created By A Highly Advanced Civilization

What if everything once thought about the world was wrong and its all just one big computer simulation?

Maybe everyone being controlled by an advanced race on a dystopian planet. While this may sound quite far-fetched, like a science fiction story straight out of ‘The Matrix’, it’s becoming more and more accepted and being seriously discussed in the scientific world.

Bostrom’s Dilemma

Perhaps one of the most influential researchers on this topic is Nick Bostrom, a philosopher from the University of Oxford. He is largely known for his influential 2003 paper setting out three propositions, one of which has to be true. These later became known as Bostrom’s trilemma.

  1. Civilizations usually go extinct before developing the capability of creating reality simulations.
  2. Advanced civilizations usually have no interest in creating reality simulations.
  3. We’re almost certainly living inside a computer simulation.

While controversial, he might be on to something. To delve deeper into these propositions, Columbia University astronomer, David Kipping, decided to analyse them. Reportedly, he argues that there is a 50/50 chance that the entire human race is nothing but a computer simulation to a more advanced race or higher power.


Looking at the three propositions, Kipping says that the first two - Civilizations usually go extinct before developing the capability of creating reality simulations and advanced civilizations usually have no interest in creating reality simulations, could actually be combined into one as the end result is the same - the world is real and not a simulation. The third proposition - we’re almost certainly living inside a computer simulation, gives the alternative result that nothing is real.

After crunching the numbers the astronomer believes there’s only a 50% chance the world is real. However, if humans were able to create a convincing computer simulation, such as the hypothesised one, then those odds would drastically change. It would prove that creating a convincing simulation is possible and is no longer just a theory. Some argue that, with the technological advancements being made in recent years, it won’t be long before scientists will be able to tell for sure whether or not the world actually exists.

While it’s currently not actually testable to definitively say whether or not we are all in a computer simulation, the theories are quite strong. If it’s not falsifiable though, how can you claim it’s really science? Hopefully we will be able to research this further and come up with some concrete evidence to prove either hypothesis. Technology has come a long way and it won’t be long before we have that capability. Until then though, we’ll just have to settle for not knowing if we’re real or nothing but a simulation.



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I think it is holographic. I think Vogt is onto something quite profound. Even uncle Kenny Wheeler says it is fundamentally holographic in nature. He just doesn’t go behind the curtain where Vogt goes. A transmission dimension that broadcasts reality at light speed. The speed of light is not a speed at all but a rate of induction.


This theory had come around because the mathematics to our reality is so finely tuned some scientists have assumed it must be a simulation

The question that pushed this theory into obscurity is who and what is the make up of the reality the programmers exist in, you could on theory end up with a simulation in a simulation in a simulation and on and on.

Even if this is true our simulation is our reality so it matters not to us if it is a simulation.


This is like another “what if” post.

What if water is dry and desert sand is wet with moisture.

What if needs to have some visual evidence that it could be.

There’s a 100% chance of me smoking a bowl within the hour. No simulation necessary, just me and Mary Jane.


I think the simulation theory is the best analogy we have to try and understand our place in this universe. Its only through our technological advances that we can understand what an simulation actually is. Its probably why some of the ancients thought that we’re all living in some kind of an illusion or dream, as that was the only descriptive thing they had to try and explain it all, however, its very close to what the latest science is now telling us. Humans are the result of a conscious universe wanting to experience itself - IMHO.

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Until I find a way to “hack the matrix”, it makes no difference if its real or not…


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These discussions remind me of when why kids were young. The 5 most common words were “what if” “how come” and simply “why”

I propose a 4th proposition that was somehow overlooked.
4: the idea that we’re living in a reality simulation is preposterous.

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Hmmm…since were rummaging around in the Philosophy bag, wouldn’t the simulated Universe actually be a little more than nothing? It may be different to what we consider (or programmed to consider) ‘real’ to be, but even a computer game is…well, it’s a real computer game, so on some level is actually real.