There's 'not a legal' or political path for Trump to remain in office

Well it’s not looking good for trump.

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Yeah I’m not sure we can trust the lawyer who lost when he represented Al Gore for this.

Its amazing how democrats and their shills cite sources that have absolutely no aurthority whatsoever. Well the umpire on my grandsons little league team said that Trump will win and he is a rule enforcer so he overrules a lawyer. Also my barber and car mechanic say Trump will win so that is 3 to 1…deal over sorry liberals


This ‘recount’ lawyer was hired by gore back in 2000?
And who won in 2000?
This is grasping, sleepy joe…


Again please stop talking ish about my sources of information if you are not willing to provide better sources.

Anyone have a better news source for me please post!!!


The 12th Amendment


All I’m doing is providing information for a discussion.

There is a chance that Biden stays president.

There is also a chance Trump stays president.

I also wanted to post to put balance to the site.

2 sides to every story.


Yeah there are between 15 and 20 posts on here with better sources than a losing lawyer from 20 years ago. I will not copy and paste them for you. I am assuming you can read for yourself…

Now you mentioned lets post something besides politics. So I did a count. You have never posted anything but Ant-Trump posts in your time here. I counted 10 posts in the last 8 days of anti-trump…

So my pot, meet your kettle.


That all you guys pay attention to.

I honestly feel like o need to balance things out with all the Biden hate.

We need more pro-Biden posts.

That’s what I’m here for.

Close that gap.

Show others that may visit DTV we are not all Trump Thumpers.

It’s a false narrative that’s being projected by a handful of people.


Over 700 political posts on this site.

Just going with everyone else.

To be honest it’s shroom that inspires me.

Biden was never president to stay president as you said so there’s always that :woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging:


Yea your right. I stand corrected.

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Joe, it’s ok to say you were wrong about Trump. Even I was on the fence with him. But there’s such a supernatural wicked web of deceit woven around this man that finding the truth requires patience and paying attention. Trump is literally in a den full of vipers and has not had a fair chance since day one. It’s amazing and even miraculous he’s made it this far. This can only be accredited to a few things:
1: His intentions are good and he has God on his side.
2. The man is a strategical genius.


I’m not gonna lie fox I’m not dead set on supporting anyone.

Back in the day it was the men behind the curtain that controlled everything.

I guess that’s the swamp he was talking about?

I can’t put my finger on Trump I like to question everything.

I like some of the things he’s done for us in the whitehouse but disagree with a lot of the stuff he’s done on camera.

Besides DTV where can I find unbiased news on the president?


Pro paedophilia ya mean?

The problem with your posts is that the news sources you keep providing as evidence are a major part of the problem and are owned or funded heavily by the people who funded Biden.

You need to take a step back and question why over half of your population are calling fraud and and want it reassessed. Something is definitely not right and it’s going to have a massive negative impact on how your country is governed from now on.

It’s been to state court several times and failed because they’re all mainly democrat run states. Wait till it goes to federal court, it will be a whole different ball game.

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All trump had to do is prove voter fraud.
He dosen’t need Supream Court to say anything.

He then can contest vote and it goes to house, each state gets one vote.

If you don’t know that about Merica elections your gonna get your feellings hurt.

The Dems will be going to court to stop it, but this is the constitutional process.



The desperation is palpable.

" They had to put in so many votes to compensate for how much Trump was winning by that they “digitally stuffed” more than the machines would be able to physically handle. Literally an impossibility."



You got anymore of this?

Thank you for replying with information instead of insults.

I have yet to see a report like this.

I am here to find that out.

You are right half of America supports him.

Maybe the blinders have been on a little to tight with me?

Where can I get proper information about Trump?

A good old fashioned unbiased opinion of the guy.

Too much attacking going on not enough educating!!!