Think Before You Vaccinate... Unintended Consequences

Some of you may remember Tennessee Nurse, Tiffany Dover… She was the 30 year old woman who was used to promote the Pfizer Vaccine… Within a few moments after taking this safe and effective vaccine she passes out in front of cameras…

Some employers are now demanding that the jobs they provide require a vaccination… Imagine if you are working with heavy equipment and unexpectedly pass out… What might happen if you worked as a roofer??.. What if you were an airline pilot or even a bus driver??.. What if you got behind the wheel of any motorized vehicle and suddenly passed out??.. You would become a danger to yourself and all others around you…

That’s what happened to a man just a few minutes after receiving his vaccine… A man faints and crashes his truck into the back of a boat… Nearly missing 2 unsuspecting people who were standing behind the parked boat… All parties were very lucky this time but it could have been more disastrous…


Here’s what I think about all of this. Covid, aka the China virus has a 99.7% survival rate. Yes, there are classes of people who will have complications due to health reason or age but this is true with that class of people with any flu/common cold. There are therapeutics available that work well and are 80+% effective, even for the people who are in a risky category, many people never even knew they had it.

It’s becoming apparent that the vaccine is more detrimental than the actual virus, in other words, the cure is worse than the problem. The vaccine is experimental, the long term effects are unknown, there’s known toxins in it, use a magnetofection process, it messes with your DNA and it sheds which can possibly cause harm to others. So with all that being said, who in their right mind would ever put this poison in their body?

Look at the big picture, this was a man-made virus, it was an altered animal virus using gain of function so it could be transmitted to humans (it was used as a biology weapon IMO) and now we have a man-made vaccine to treat the man-made virus. They are marketing it like it was a new smart phone or a credit card, using free giveaways, lotteries, coercion, pitting the vaccinated against the un-vaccinated, etc., whatever it takes to get it in everyone.

None of this makes sense, they know the virus was man-made, they know it was purposely unleashed on us, they know we don’t need a vaccine, they know masks don’t do anything…so you have to ask yourself, what the hell is going on here? This is diabolical, they’re up to no good, if they are evil enough to unleash a man-made virus on us, destroy the world economy, lock us down, force us to wear masks that do nothing, pay us to sit at home, they lie about the deaths, they lie about the amount of cases, they use a test that wasn’t intended for this virus and push the cycle rate out to 45 so they get mostly positive results.

By doing all of this it creates fake statistics, the numbers are all fake. They plastered death toll numbers and infection cases on TV screens 24/7 to scare the shit out of everyone, they were selling fake fear and know they are selling fake hope and anyone who’s buying any of this will regret it.


Had my phiser vaccine two weeks ago, spent the last week in bed totally exhausted.
Felt like the worst flue I’ve ever had, only today I’m feeling better.
BUT I have an imuno suppressive condition, can’t wait to see how my second dose goes​:grimacing::grimacing:


All my family and many many other people i know got the shot, not 1 issue, just a sour arm in few.
All these people got mostly the pfizer, few got Astra Zeneca.
Astra Zeneca was now made unavailable for people younger then 60 in Italy as 2 young healthy people died from it.

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I’m starting to think a “raising the average IQ of the species” culling is probably a good idea, at this point in the game.


Bingo, this was probably always the real intention i rekon. :clap: :+1:


I think you covered this topic pretty well… You’ve been paying attention and I could not have said it better… GOOD JOB… :+1:


Not yet they havent, hopefully not in the future but i wouldnt bet on it…
i hope not for there sakes anyways but theres no way in hell im risking
my future and life trusting the most sinsister elite scum on this earth
like billy goat gates and that other devil medicrim fausti.


Listen to the guy who invented mRNA:


Please take care of yourself… Do not volunteer to take any more jabs… None of us know the long term side effects… They want to get each and every person vaccinated without knowing or even caring about their current health conditions or comorbidities… Each individual is unique and these medications are not for everyone… Some may feel fine initially only to have serious side effects later… As time marches forward we’ll be hearing of more cases that can not be censored… Any benefits offered do not justify the risks… Many people are now reporting, passing out unexpectedly… Some getting blood clots, suffering from paralysis or other neurological disorders… Some are going to Heaven before living out a full productive life…

I pray that you will heed these warnings and do what is best for yourself and your loved ones… Always hoping you’ll be among the lucky ones… Get plenty of exercise, eat right and take vitamin supplements…You should always incorporate vitamins D, C, Zink and Magnesium… There are other alternatives to combat this virus and many others without taking dangerous vaccines… Pine Needle Tea is known for its over all cleansing effects… Ivermectin is a cheaper anti-viral medication that many rely on to cure Covid… Hydroxychloroquine is also a cheap medication… It is often taken along with a zink pack… Many good reports about HCQ… One of our members here has stocked up on Budesonide Inhalers… He claims it works for him and he already has a serious heart condition… Never had any flu symptoms… If interested, ask our brother Mark24823687 for more details… He will be happy to be of help to you…

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I hear you, im avoiding for now as well.
We do trust pfizer with our dick$ thou… :rofl:

Do just a little more than avoid the vaccine for yourself… Protect your family and friends… Warn them of potential complications that so many people are already experiencing… You are smart and you know what has really been happening… Once you submit to the vaccines you can not change your mind later if, it is not right for you… What is done, is done… Offer them other alternatives that may help them better… No benefits currently offered for these vaccinations is worth all the risks… I hope those in your circles will not pass out unexpectedly while operating a motor vehicle… Or, end up with life long complications or worse… Some people are already dropping like flies… I am expecting more fatalities before enough people willingly choose to put a stop to this madness…

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Thank you for your contributions, Brother Fox… Happy to see you are still around and I hope you are doing well… You have been missed…


MK, i don’t do vaccine because i don’t take medications unless i really need to, it’s not that im not taking the shot because of some evil plan unfolding. Im actually more concerned of some virus retaliation to the ones not taking the shot if i have to be honest.
My brother was the only one concerned a little bit but had to do it for work, the rest of my family were happy to do it.
Its up to you if you want to get the shot, or if you have to. I don’t believe my family will suffer anything, some completed the shots 2 months ago and everything is fine.
You should know me better, im not that gloomy. :wink:


I hope you’re right and I am wrong… I will admit to being wrong if everyone doesn’t experience side effects… Too many people are already claiming serious side effects and some leading to premature deaths… The benefits do not justify the risks… It is easier to just say, “NO” and look for something better… Rather than play along and take a risk that can cause your family heartache… It is cheaper to use Ivermectin if your afraid of Covid than to pay for burial expenses…

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Hey mate, good to see you around. Do you have a direct link to that video? I want to share it with a few people.


I hope im right too obviously, i believe MMS would do the trick as well but even if i tell anyone who am i to say that is better compared to science? I have no qualification and I know its a game i will lose, so i can explain things but ultimately its up to them what to choose.

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Yes, of course there is freedom of choice… I am not suggesting for you to lock your family in the basement to protect them… I am suggesting that you put your smart intellect to good use… Inform them of the dangers you already know are true… Offer them some alternatives that may save their lives…

Same. Most of my family and friends have had their shots and no immediate issue.

I’m still not convinced though. I personally think its a mistake but you can only lead a horse to water as they say.

Long term is a big unknown.