This is how they lie after people have died and create false views

Greetings all,

Many people may not like what I say about Christianity being created by the roman empire but I will keep saying this even with my dying breath as it is unfortunately true. They have done it time and time again all throughout the years,

With today’s technology they can use voice cloning now as well. If you think they haven’t done this before think again. All they do now is use technology to do so.

Psychological warfare has been happening against us all for centuries. How far do you think it goes? Why does a religion exist? Because someone somewhere is making money from it and standing in a position where they have people worshipping them.

We have all been lied to on a massive scale and Christianity is no different from all other religions created to keep control and divide each other.


What’s Sad is This is

Really Old News …

And Yet It’s Still Scoffed

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Yes it is… there is so much about the way they lie to justify their agenda…

Both UK and US media lying to its people to justify bombing and killing other people in another country.
All in the name of God, Queen and Country?..

All disgusting acts of the same world conquest that was begun centuries ago.

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I Was Particularly Referring to
The AI Tech

Voice and Face Fabrication …

They Can Manufacture You

Doing or Saying Any Thing

At Their Leisure …


Once you take that DNA altering jab your nolonger truely human. And become a patented commodity for the elites. They own you in your entirety and can do what ever they want.
I can see personally that this tech will be used to re write history. By changing what people have said, into something more that fits their agenda. And the gullible will fall for it. Even if they say so the original speeches.


Wonder if the trump lawsuit with them will come to anything…

We all have our particular truth(s). We share them, but in the end they remain ours and only ours.

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Whatever you wish to see and think. There are truths that are there whether you wish to believe them or not.



Why don’t you sto baging Christians.
What’s wrong with ten commandments and Jesus teachings in life?
What harms it ever done you.
Why does Vatican hate Christians and why have they mass murdered tortured so many if they created it they just use it to destroy from within
That’s why we know it’s real because it’s so hated now.
If it wasn’t real it would be accepted and promoted but it’s not instead Satanism is.
You seem very fixated on only Christianity whyi is this?
You don’t think your brainwashed to hate it too like all of society is now?

Enoch book one told us jc would come how did he know that before the flood even then?

Nah it’s real very few will be saved the path is narrow cos its real hard it was never a feel good religion Ike Satanism and all its pagan idol worshipping off shoots like Buddhism Islam and the rest.

Are you a humble man in life or do you have all the answers?

Humility is wisdom cant have wisdom without humility .just having is a big difference.

Anyways you keep hating it nobody wil stop you
If that makes you happy having something to focus your so called expertise on but those with faith will not buy what your selling because
Many have heard it all before one way or another and its trendy now to hate and blame Christians
We all know this many have read posts topics here to know that.
Good luck I wonder will you still scoff when the mark of beast arrives in time.
We all know it’s coming even atheists here agree it is.


I do not think you know what christian means.



Lies and manipulation are what’s wrong with it. But it’s not just Christians it’s every religion.

If religion was so great then why has it made us suffer such terrible control?

You don’t like it because you believe it without question just like you are meant to. You don’t want your illusion of life destroyed thinking you were believing in lies.

Christianity and religion are part of everything that is wrong in the world today because its all lies to manipulate you.

The same people controlling you are the same people who wrote the damn bible and created Christianity.

You will not find self realisation of the false hood of lies. The real JC taught about love and the SPIRIT OF THE FATHER. Not God.

But you will call it new age even though it isn’t.

If you don’t like it then ignore the thread and take your comments elsewhere.

Who wrote Enoch book 1? Were you there to see it being written?.. no so they can tell you ANYTHING they like.

I am humble yes but I also have answers as well. Thank you.

Catholic style Christian’s are christians i name only.
Be that othkdix or what ever

Its like Rino’s
Republicans in name only

The challenge is that this tech is also used in reverse. When one grabs a film or a recording as supporting evidence, it will be deemed to have been ‘deep faked’ which makes for a clogged court system.

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Since the dawn of civilization and Plato’s dialectic of people power, now Hegelian dialectic of Problem. Reaction, Solution has further ‘progressed’ David Icke’s propositions and suggestions of the same phraseology.
Mass control and surveillance Masks the class warfare and fool the tool following a rule into thinking they have freedom of speech or even free choice.
The root of speech was to reach and express not stress a point of view, but bridge a gap and the growing divide with wealth of knowledge.
Truth is in the eye of the beholder.

Control and Power but knowledge isn’t power, as you know it’s what you wield as a shield, or yield and cede to those with greed of sowing a seed.
May the Source be with you. :v:

See what you saidthen is like what i hear from everyone these days, its not unique its typical,
its repetitive in fact, we have heqrd this arguments many times,
but it isnt the religion its the people thta misuse it from within.

Its always been the people, what about countries where there was no christianity,
you think it was all peace and love and happy days?

No way, inter tribal warfare was rife in the usa and in australia,
way before any christians came along, when the pilgrims arrived in the usa they set up one of the most free and accepting societies on earth the republic of usa.

Unfortunately it was masoic satanists that infiltrated it and destroyed from within, this is one of there stated goals in fact,
and look at people today, all blaming only christianity for all the worlds problems when in fact its because people have been led away by the emdia movies and mind control that this worlds become worse not better.

When people follow the ten commandments and obey Jesus society is great, life is great,
peace happens, love thy neighbour love thine enemy etc etc these are all fabulosely peaceful
ways to live.

No wonder the satanists in control are hel bent on destroying christianity and will end up mass murdering us sooner or later.
because we stand in the way of there full spectrum dominance world totalitarian control thats why.

Notice they dont pick on any other religion but xristianity, this is becaus ethe satanists in control all over this planet knw that its the real only pathway out of the matrix and they hate it,
they dont want a free open society, under xristianity all religions were tolerated and all peoples treated equal, sure many were not perfect but they were not real christians they were often catholic or jesuit infiltraitors destroying from within.

Abyways, i nbelieve when people are fixated on blaming only one group of people they just dont understand what they are really doing and who they are doing it for, because it is the masnoic jesuit jewish control machine that wants this christian religion gone from earth,
and when they do hunt us down and murder us in the name of God,
then everyone will know what will fill the void and people will experience the worst hell on earth like never seen before.

This is how it will play out, many of us here were telling this ten years ago, and now its all come true,
yeah how did we know, because we studied prophecy and we know the bible is absolute truth
and we are watching it lay our right now exactly as foretold.

Poeple that ahte this religion do so becaus ethey have been mind controlled from all forms of media all there lives to hate and blame the only thing that can save them,
when the mark of beast comes and it will,
then hopefully they willstand tall and die in his name, if not they will burn like the re4st of the stanists,
who want to do there evil without responsibility or consequence.

Some people here really ened to do a lot more reseacrh, they do not know why they have the feeling they do its obvious,
they just repeat what they have been led to believe by the system that is full satanic,
and this can be proven over and over and over just by modern symbolism alone let alone so many other ways.

Good luck,im sticking with JC and God whatever my faults, and il die for his name if im brave enough.


**ullshit, ** Australian aboriginal were mostly very peaceful and lived a nomadic existence that allowed land to lie fallow and recover , hence with no concept of land ownership (well at least not permenant) there was little to fight about. They were and still are slaughtered by the colonial oppressors and are pretty much banned to the harsh desert lands.
Methyelated spirits is still sold chilled in the chillers of the liquor stores as a cheap and toxic alternative to normal alcohol.


I keep telling you Mr.Jedi…
The Bible teaches you how to release your spirit from satans bondage. Opposite of what you preach. Your dissasociated ego and hatred for something you dont understand means your not ready for enlightenment yet.

Also, shouting your views seeks validation. You are lost and insecure for your lack of knowledge.

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Vanuatu springs to mind where there was no religion, no money, no unemployment, no depression or suicide…etc
Missionaries and ‘pilgrims’ brought miseries, from the Spanish inquisition to annihilation of creeds, but don’t think I’m persecuting you, I’m just nearing no fearing but am in awe of creation.

That’s old news and testament to how some people are living in the past.
To quote David Bowie ‘Hell is for people afraid of fire. Spirituality is for people who’ve been there’. Surfing a lake of fire was exciting but the ride had to stop. Just as seeing a blinding light was too good to be true, I had to open my eyes to the lies.


Some people need to calm down so they can spell properly.

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