This Is Why Climbing A Tree Is The Wrong Way To Escape From A Bear

Bears. Can run faster than you. Can climb faster than you. Are unnervingly intelligent and will absolutely view you as a food source.

This is how fast a bear can climb up a tree

The list of places you can escape from a bear just gets shorter and shorter.

I Love Bears :bear: :heart:

Beautiful Magnificant

Your Best Defense is
Situational AwareNess…

If You Come On One
Stay Calm and Back
Away Slowly…

We Had A Sow
On Our Roof
Middle of Night
A Couple Months Ago…


Does a bear chit in the woods?

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Why Yes…Yes It Does

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Yes, Unlike a rocking horse

Black bears will climb trees but brown bears (grizzlies) won’t.

I Live in Wilderness…

Black Bear Country

I would still prefer to be in a tree than on the ground with a aggressive bear

. . . . . then when the bear lights her cigarette run like hell


Hahahaha …:bear:

Grizzly bears won’t go up to a tree because they are too heavy. So hold on tight to the tree as the Grizzly will push it down if they want too. Unless a bear is aggressive, don’t run or try to attack. I’ve been going camping and hiking most of my life in western Canada and they won’t mess up with you unless they have to. Very beautiful animals tough. Most of the bad reputation comes from movies. When someone gets attacked by a bear is because there was a sudden encounter too close or like some people do as I’ve seen taking pictures way to close. But that’s my call on this, they would wake away from humans most of the time.

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Check this out…

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Interesting, you made me learn the meaning of another word, “sow”, I had always associated that word with a pig, but you said it was on your roof, and I’m pretty sure pigs don’t fly, but I suppose if that was going to happen, it would be this year! :grinning: So, you made me look it up, I didn’t know that word was also associated with a female bear, we don’t often hear about bears where I am and I never gave it a thought, I like to think I have a fairly good vocabulary but I read a lot and it seems I learn a knew word every day, so thanks for bringing me this simple word, and that’s not the first time you taught me a new word, if I recall correctly! :man_student:!!

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Much Obligied!!

So of Course Male Bears

Are Boars!!

Man defended against a grizzly attack with a .22 caliber pistol!
Well… actually he shot his friend in the leg and was able to run away (faster). :flushed:

This is fake news, by the way…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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OMG! I am on a learning frenzy today! I feel stupid, seriously I’m pretty sure I did not know that either, I should have kept on reading when I looked up sow! Lol! Much obliged

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As do I. Grizzlies and black bears where I am. I worked in polar bear country for 3 years too in Churchill.

Actually we have a kind of 3rd bear here and that is the Kermode bear which is a blackbear wit a recessive gene making it white fur.