This Sounds Like Some Area 51 Tech: Asteroid Resistance Material

We have created a new architected material, which is both highly deformable and ultra‐resistant to dynamic point loads. The bio-inspired metallic cellular structure (with an internal grid of large ceramic segments) is non-cuttable by an angle grinder and a power drill, and it has only 15% steel density. Our architecture derives its extreme hardness from the local resonance between the embedded ceramics in a flexible cellular matrix and the attacking tool, which produces high-frequency vibrations at the interface.

So basically someone made some sort of synthetic material that emulates vibranium. That’s awesome!

Wondee how much it costs?

I am sure that after a few years of experimentation with varying components, this technology will revolutionize many specialized niches. Bullet proof vests? I do not fully grasp the correlation between less damage and surface frequency though. Anyone have good understanding to share? (So I won’t be up all night reading research papers) If the frequency has a profound effect, it should be able to be applied artificially and open the door for a more diversified selection of components… great post, thanks.