This woman lives every day like it’s 1958

Total doll and hubby cruising '50’s style.


Awesome Sauce😘


Oh how I wish I was in my prime in that era.

Good for her.
I live every day like I am a super hero.
(to my cats anyway)

I do what I can.


Reminds me of that bloke from England who celebrates christmas day every day of the the year.

1920 were the years, even in the police station mugshots there were only nicely dressed people.


Well thats awesome👍
I wasnt alive then but ive seen pictures from that time and looked like people had so much more pride in their appearance than the clods today wandering around in flannel pajamas and flip flops like some escape mental patient. Pretty sad what we’ve become.


Funny u said that i mentioned something similar. And thought the same thing.

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OMG so unique! Whats her Instagram?

Great post, couldn’t agree more. I wish we could bring it all back around. I blame cable TV and the Internet lol

She has her own YouTube channel and a line of merchandise. See part of her home tour video here:


She’s got merch? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I was a olympic swimmer back then
Back then I was part of a close family
Ifa few million brothers and sisters

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Thats epic! :+1:

Ah those were the days when. …
Men were mostly Men
Women were mostly Ladies.
And there were only two Genders.


Some cool mugshots getting round mate…that looks like they’re a different world now…like our two rival female brothel owners back then in KingsX when the law said, no man shall own a house of disrepute they brought up… :beers:

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That was a nice read Skip, lady gang having a turf war with another lady gang, thanks.

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There was an interview not all that long ago with one of them, not sure which one now, but one of them had died…seemed there was a sense of loss there…there was obviously a rivalry but I sensed respect too which struck me as odd but cool in a way too lol…we’ve got a few cool scallywags of time gone by that have had miniseries made about them :beers:

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