Thousands of women getting menstruation irregularities from being near vaccinated people!

Mainstream media will say its fake news, but thousands of women are reporting extreme menstruation changes after being in proximity to someone who has been vaccinated!


All truth is fake news,
and all fake news is truth,
a warm welcome to the blatant lies of satanism.

Original posting by vin URGENT! 5 Doctors Agree that COVID-19 Injections are Bioweapons and Discuss What to do About It

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wow, that is a lot of scary data… thanks for sharing

All women fluctuate when something new is in their environment. Especially injected into them. Their natural cycles mimic other women’s cycles.
And anyone who got the vaccine is an absolute idiot. Period!
So now let’s see what happens to young girls starting their menstruation???
Infertility 100%


It’s the image of Denver airport. Mask up because the fake numbers of deaths were just typically yearly death rates. Nothing above any year before. Just how they were declared.
Now the vaccine will do the dirty work…


…so a member noticed all the blood donation advertise , right, and he goes well , the peoole who are vaxxed are dontaing blood…:flushed:…so you purposely infected yourself with the virus …and its in your blood directly not like how someone would be outside with no face mask and somehow still get it (corona not cvid) But it wont be in the blood , unless directly put there like through injections?
So…the blood is being tainted with the virus. And your donating that tainted blood for others…and here we have women who (probably have been intimately involved with thier vaxxed partner) getting this stuff happening…

This could become a bigger scandal then the one we had in the UK with hiv infected bloods been given to people.
I can see it been the vaccinated who became the real health issues to all those brave sane people who are saying NO to these experimental gene therapies.


come on .ehm "However, he said claims of an adverse impact being experienced by women simply because they were near vaccinated people were “a bit nonsensical”

“Some claims went even further, suggesting that some women were experiencing changes to their periods, or even severe illness, simply by being in close contact with people who had been vaccinated”
if it would have been after being directly vaccinated .but the allegations are about being in the near of someone being vaccinated sound a bit newagy or esoteric dont you think

" stating there were no elements of the vaccine that could be passed to another person by proxy.

“There is no mechanism by which unvaccinated individuals can contract any sort of side effects from people who are vaccinated,” the fact checkers said, “and there is no evidence showing a link between menstrual irregularities, fertility and the vaccines”

i have a hard time to believe that. how did such data developed /occured then. i never heard something so wild

yes, this is what you would think, but there are a lot of women coming forward with the same symptoms. Connecting factor seems to be proximity to vaccinated people.

watch the video

on haaretz it says women after revceiving it. in israel

but people who say from being near people who are vaccinated makes me think so many other things

I dont trust them, especially the ways they are pushing that on their people, with the ‘freedom’ passports.

But who knows, I am just sharing the info. But the vaccine companies themselves were worried about ‘Shedding’ even in the trials they had. There are documents in the video above (OP) about it.

many girls get menstruation irregs when theyre near me… and i am not vaxxed…

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havent heard about such adverses from europ here yet

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The vaccine companies were concerned with ‘shedding’ effects in their own tests. There are documents about it in the video, but if you want to go truth by feelings then drive on.

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Depends on what fact checkers are being used. I know of one that is funded by bill gates.

Only watched 1st video, but is something going on iv not vaxx ovs, but some friends have n iv been in contact, my menstrual last 2 months is bad iv been told iv got iron deficiency and I may need blood transfusion if hemoglobin doesn’t go up I’m resus negative also which is rare, not worried about being sterilised iv got 8 unvaxxed children, but ovs sumthing wrong if babies ov 1 yo are losing blood


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