THP, FBI, and Wilson County police are investigating a white box truck in Lebanon, TN



@nwomaster Great link. If this truck blows, this will follow my prediction from yesterday.
Nashville...MANY more to come - #10 by Apex911

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Now people are going to freak out every time a person breaks down in a large truck.

You mean the article that stated bombs went off in other cities when there were no other cities that had a bombing event?

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Somethings weird about it all for sure… look at this

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Please stop adding a signature to posts or replies @StixNstones, this is a violation of our community guidelines.


Would you remove it if his signature was “Black lives matter?”

Any signature that is repeatedly added to posts or replies is a violation. We don’t care about the US politics bullshit.


Good, glad to see you are consistent and don’t bend to the PC mob…

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Before talking trash you should actually read what I wrote.

I did, and I called you out about it in the article and never got a response.

Here is what I wrote in your article thread

" America’s new boogie man will soon be revealed. Followed by one, then two more explosions in different cities"

Which other cities? Can you provide sources?

Here was your response:

It seems like dtv is following in the rest of big techs footsteps … censoring isn’t cool guys :man_shrugging:

They bent to the will of the PC mob long ago… there was a time when you had absolute free speech on here. As soon as the PC babies started to threaten to pull adverizing money… they started clamping down on free speech.

My response to the mod was scarcasm.

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Turned out to be a giant nothing burger…

Nothing to do with censorship. It’s to keep the threads focused on the content, and to prevent gang building. Almost all forums have this rule re signatures.


Looks like a nothing burger. All-clear given. No explosives.

Tolerated gang building was what initiated this response from people.

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Can anyone say “DISTRACTION”?

one of the oldest tricks in the book is to re-create the same situation multiple times to confuse people into thinking it’s “just some crazy people” and was not intentional.

The explosion in Texas was in front of a place where Election server info was being stored and the Demonic-rats are getting desperate to destroy evidence and kill witnesses.


Something feels certainly “wrong” with this one.

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The only thing wrong about it was the response it got. I am pretty sure this was all based on a Karen calling it in saying the music it was playing sounded similar to what was playing on the RV. The report had nothing to do with evacuation warmings… it was the music.