Three New UFO Cases Reviewed

Here’s a video review of three rather fascinating UFO cases that have been uploaded over the last 24 hours.

Mufon Case #113758
Pasco, WA, US

This was interesting because it took place near a nuclear facility and includes the eyewitnesses stating that they seen multiple objects in multiple locations. Pretty awesome capture!

Mufon Case #113765
Cairns, , AU

This capture the reporter thought that it might have been the sun at first, peaking through. It certainly isn’t that. It seems to fly away.

Mufon Case # 113759
Metairie, LA, US

This case I think is just fire lanterns. There’s a growing number of people out there that would disagree with me.

What are these objects in the sky for you? For me their a combination of everyone’s thoughts and opinions on the matter. People who think that the stuff they were showing in Star wars and Star trek aren’t possible, but I assure you, they are… just like people 100 years ago couldn’t fathom reaching the moon.


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